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Presidential Election 2020 Results Report Links


King County

Presidential Election 2020 Results Report Links


Results links are provided to configure media outlet's results reporting systems. Please note that no ballots have been tabulated and the numbers in the reports are generated at random. Links will be wiped on October 28 and starting October 29, no results will show in the links.


King County Elections (KCE) will post results of the November 3 Presidential election to the files listed below. Please bookmark and test these web pages for your results reporting. 

Please remember that these links are provided to assist you in configuring your result reporting, and the numerical figures represented are merely placeholders generated at random and will only appear in the files until October 28. No ballots have been tabulated. 

On October 29, the numbers will be cleared out of the reports in preparation for results posting on November. 

It is important to note that these will be King County-only results. KCE will also upload to the Secretary of State's results portal for aggregation with other counties for statewide results. Please contact their office for configuration links of the statewide system.

On Election Night, KCE will provide one posting of results soon after 8 p.m. Results will be updated thereafter on weekdays at 4 p.m. on weekdays through certification of the election on November 24. If King County Elections adds any additional results postings, we will send an advisory and post to KCE social media channels (@kcelections - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). 


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