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選票投放地點 / Ballot drop boxes, Chinese language site, Elections


Ballot drop boxes are closed. 選票投放箱現已關閉。

The list of ballot drop boxes open for an election will be available about 30 days prior to election day. For non-countywide elections not all ballot drop boxes are open. 大約在選舉日前30天會提供選舉中將開放的選票投放箱名單。對於非全郡性選舉,並不是所有選票投放箱都提供開放。

List of all ballot drop boxes 選票投放箱的完整名單

Return your ballot to a ballot drop box. Your ballot must be returned to a ballot drop box by 8 p.m. election day. Plan ahead to avoid lines. 請將您的選票交回到選票投放箱。您的選票必須在選舉日晚上8點之前交回到選票投放箱,請預出多些時間以避免排隊。

24-hour drop boxes 24小時投放箱