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Copy Paper

Copy Paper

King County has purchased recycled content copy paper since implementing its original buy recycled policy in 1989. King County established an updated policy in 2012 to buy 100 percent recycled content copy paper and to reduce copy paper consumption by 40 percent. In late 2016, a new contract was executed that only makes available 100 percent recycled content copy paper. The reduction in the purchase of copy paper paired with the new pricing saves the County money.


Policy and Goals:

As stated in King County's Sustainable Purchasing Executive Policy (CON 7-22-EP),

  • Purchase 100% recycled content copy paper
    • 2019 status – 96% compliance
  • Reduce copy paper consumption by 35% by 2020 over 2010 numbers
    • 2019 status – 35% reduction
    • 2019 – 23% cost savings
  • Print double-sided copies

As outlined in King County’s 2020 Strategic Climate Action Plan,

  • Compared to 2015 levels, reduce copy paper usage by 40% by 2025
  • King County shall optimize print management efficiencies countywide, through new procurement practices and the use of Managed Print Services


  • high recycled content
  • FSC-certified paper
  • chlorine free
  • send documents electronically instead of printing 


  • virgin paper
  • low recycled content
  • single-sided printing
  • printing extra copies and meeting agendas

End of Life

  • recycle

An EPA checkmark indicates a certification or standard is recommended by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

How to order

Order online with our new paper supplier, Keeney's Office Supply.

To order paper, you'll need a new Keeney's username and password. (For office supplies, continue using your existing account.)

Set up your new copy paper account by submitting the online form or calling Keeney's at (425) 556-1734. Include your name, email address, phone number, department, shipping address, and any specific delivery instructions.

After you've set up your new account

On your expense report, reference Contract Purchase Agreement (CPA) number.

Technical Specification Language

Conservatree: History of paper and list of environmentally preferable papers

Environmental Defense Fund: Paper Calculator

City of Seattle: PaperCuts Campaign

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