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Office Supplies

Office Supplies

All offices buy supplies for their everyday operations. Purchasing durable, high quality, less toxic products, reusing supplies, and refraining from buying single-use products reduces your impact on the environment. Additionally, many office supplies are made from recycled content, including notepads, file folders, scissors, pens, clipboards, and Post-It Notes.

Copy paper and toner can be found on separate commodity guides and separate contracts.



  • recycled-content items
  • refillable and/or recyclable products
  • high quality, durable items
  • non-toxic
  • unscented
  • low-emission pens and markers


  • single use/disposable items
  • vinyl binders
  • aerosols [canned air has high VOC’s – look for manual air distributors]

End of Life

  • recycle paper
  • re-use
  • donate

An EPA checkmark indicates a certification or standard is recommended by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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