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Resources for individuals and families

Resources for individuals and families

  • Planning tools

  • Caring for someone with the flu

  • Cold vs. flu symptoms
    The common cold and the flu are different illnesses caused by different viruses, but they share similar symptoms. Learn about the differences and when you need to contact a doctor.

  • Preventing the spread of influenza
    This information sheet offers guidance on recognizing the symptoms of flu and how to prevent the spread of the flu virus at home and in the community when caring for someone who has the flu. This information can be used during a typical flu season as well as during a flu pandemic. Translations available in PDF format below:
  • How to care for someone with influenza
    Most patients with pandemic flu will be able to remain at home during the course of their illness and can be cared for by family members or others who live in the household. This information sheet is intended to help families and caregivers care for ill persons in the home, both during a typical influenza season and during an influenza pandemic.