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Records search FAQs

Records search FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Our system does not maintain an address field. Our index is by name (Grantor/Grantee), instrument number, and property tax parcel number.

If you have an address, you can search for the parcel number or other property details using King County Parcel Viewer.

Depending on when the document was recorded, there may not be any information available online. Our online index only covers the period from 1976 to present. Images of documents are available from 1991 to present.

Indexes prior to 1976 and images prior to 1991 are on microfilm and must be requested from the King County Archives.

Issues with any information you find on King County Parcel viewer should be directed to King County Department of Assessments at 206-296-7300.

For questions related to property taxes, contact King County Treasury Operations by email or by phone at 206-296-5126.

Questions related to court matters should be directed to King County Superior Court at 206-296-9300.

Questions related to birth and death records should be directed to King County Vital Records at 206-897-5100.

Some records are not available online to prevent misuse of any personal information they might contain. Document types currently restricted are: Death Certificate, Deed of Trust, (Notice of) Federal Tax Lien (FTL), FTL Revocation of Release, FTL Withdrawal Judgment Lien, Lis Pendens, Marriage License Application, Marriage Certificate, No-Fee Lien, Power of Attorney Partial Release, Release of FTL, Release or Satisfaction of Lien, Release of No-Fee Lien, Veteran Separation UCC Filing, UCC Amendment, UCC Continuation, UCC Partial Release, and UCC Termination.

If your document image states "NOT VIEWABLE VIA WEB" and you would like a copy, there are multiple ways to request a copy.

Over the past 25 years, recording data has been collected from various computer systems. The detail captured by each varies. All information from old systems was transferred to new systems as it was entered in the past.

Yes, in order to be able to request individual searches, Records Search needs to be able to uniquely process these requests. The application assigns a random ID number (session ID) and uses this to identify and return results to the requester. This cookie is stored on your computer and is sent when you request data or images and expires each time your session ends. If you are concerned about allowing cookies on your system, you can turn on support for cookies when you visit this and other sites which require session IDs by adding to your trusted sites list and deleting it when you have finished.

Our Records Search uses the same databases that our production application uses. Indexing is available the second it is recorded using information that is entered at the time of recording. The image is available when the document is scanned. Additional indexing information is available when the document has been through our indexing department.

Once a document is recorded with the Recorder's Office, it is part of permanent public record. However, if a document is recorded with a personal identifier such as a Social Security Number (SSN), mother's maiden name, or driver's license number, it can be restricted from access on our website.

If you have a document with one of these personal identifiers in the body of the document, you can have its access restricted by filling out a Web Image Access Removal form. We will then record the form and restrict access to that specific document from our website.

While we are responsible for providing low or no-cost documents to the public, we are also very aware that privacy is of the utmost importance. Consequently, we do not display images of documents that typically contain personal identifiers. By law, we are required to make these documents available upon request online, by mail, or in person. In addition, we are prohibited from altering any record.

Some documents may have been submitted to us for recording with a personal identifier embedded in the document. After reviewing your documents online through Records Search and determining that an image contains personal identifiers, you may request that the image be removed from web viewing by completing and submitting a Web Image Access Removal form.

We are required by state law to collect fees for official copies of recorded documents. In addition, we have no way of controlling the validity of documents that are not reproduced by a lawful Deputy Recorder. If you need an official or certified copy, you can request a copy online, in person, or by mail.

If your property is within a city limit, contact your local jurisdiction. If your property is located in unincorporated King County or the project took place before incorporation, contact the Permitting Section of the King County Department of Local Services. Please keep in mind that these records are not on permanent retention. Lastly, contact the original owner of the property.

Our office does not provide a title search by phone or email request. You can contact the title company for a title report or you can use our online records search using the tax parcel number for documents recorded after August 1991. We do not make legal interpretations of the documents recorded with us nor do we judge their content for validity or effectiveness. We do not have any statutory enforcement authority over the documents in our care.

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