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Public Office Fund

Public Office Fund

King County elected officials may establish an individual account for the deposit of contributions solicited and received for the purpose of defraying non-reimbursed public office related expenses. Such accounts shall be called public office fund accounts. Legal authority for establishing a public office fund is given in Title 3 of King County Code.

Within two weeks of establishing a public office fund account, the elected official shall file a statement with the Board of Ethics, identifying the fund administrator, indicating the amount and source of all contributions received by the public office fund and identifying all items and services acquired or reimbursed through any payments made from the public office fund and associated amounts paid.

Quarterly statements updating such information shall be filed with the Board of Ethics by the 20th day of the month following the end of each calendar quarter.

A person or legal entity cannot contribute more than an average of $250 per year over any four year period of time.

The total amount of money that can be in a public office fund account at any given time cannot exceed $5,000

Any unused funds in a public office account can be:

  • returned to contributors in amounts not exceeding their respective contributions
  • donated to a charitable organization registered in accordance with state law
  • transferred to King County
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