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The KCSO has experienced and highly trained detectives who can investigate any crime that takes place in our communities.

  • Local precinct detectives handle burglary and larceny investigations, some check fraud cases, and neighborhood drug problems.
  • Detectives in our Criminal Investigations Division handle more complex investigations involving homicides and serious assaults, missing persons, organized crime, and robberies.

What About "CSI"?

The Sheriff's Office doesn't have its own crime lab or a designated crime scene investigation team. Instead, we send the appropriate deputies, detective teams, and/or support units to process the scene.

Sometimes, patrol deputies can collect all of the necessary evidence, including photographs and fingerprints; they will then send the case and evidence to a detective for follow-up.

Other times, detectives will be called directly to the scene because their specific expertise is needed. For example, detectives in our Major Accident Response and Reconstruction team are experts with the science, math, and tools needed to reconstruct a vehicle accident or crime scene. Photographers and latent fingerprint specialists from our AFIS Section also may be called out to assist.

We also rely on the Washington State Crime Lab for assistance with our evidence.