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Criminal warrants

Criminal warrants

The King County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Warrants Unit enforces court orders issued by the Superior Court, including:

  • Service of felony and civil arrest warrants 
  • Attending felony arraignment courts 
  • Transportation of prisoners to and from King County facilities 
  • Operating the state cooperative prisoner shuttle system 
  • Extradition of fugitives from inside and outside Washington State
The Sheriff's Office will not provide any warrant information over the phone or email.  There are several reasons for this, including respect for the privacy of individuals, and the likelihood of misidentification to possible false arrest.

Options to clear a warrant:

  1. Turn yourself in at any police station.  You have to be arrested by a police officer, the jail will not allow you to simply walk-in directly, they are not fully commissioned officers and they can't make warrant arrests.
  2. Call the court involved.  This may be a municipal court if you were charged by a city, district court for misdemeanors in unincorporated King County, or Superior Court if it is a felony matter.  In some felony cases you can schedule a new court date, but the warrant will still remain active until you are arrested, post a bail bond, or you appear in court and have it cleared.  For felony arraignments call 206-205-7401.
  3. Contact an attorney or bail bond company and arrange to make bail or appear in court.

If you received notice that you are losing Social Security benefits due to a warrant, call the King County Prosecutor's Office at 206-205-0970 for assistance.

To find more information about most state related cases (Washington Courts) click here.

Warrants unit tip sheet:

If you have information on someone you think may be wanted by the Sheriff’s Office, please let us know. You may remain anonymous if you wish.

Option 1: Send an email to the following address:  Please indicate if you want to be contacted.

Please include:

  • Full name of subject (required)
  • Date of birth of subject (required)
  • What makes you think this person is wanted, and what they may be wanted for (optional)
  • Address where subject is located (optional)
  • Name/address where subject works (optional)
  • Any additional information that may be helpful to detectives (optional)
  • Your name, address, email address, and phone number.

Option 2:  Download this form and complete it. Then, print and mail the form to us, or send it via email.

Download form

Contact Us

Criminal Warrants Unit
Regional Justice Center
401 4th Ave North
Kent, WA 98032

Phone: 206-477-3113


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