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Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Program

Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Program

Services available for nonprofits, community-based organizations


King County and the Office of Equity and Social Justice are committed to investing in capacity building and infrastructure for community-based organizations awarded federal COVID-19 grants and contracts.

Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Services Available for Nonprofits 

King County and our partners can provide technical assistance and capacity building to community-based organizations and nonprofits receiving federal COVID-19 funding. King County has allocated millions of dollars in grants and contracts through its federal COVID funding and continues to do so. Not every community-based organization that is eligible for these grants has the infrastructure to successfully apply for funding, or the experience and capacity to manage these funds and comply with reporting requirements.  

King County and the Office of Equity and Social Justice are committed to investing in capacity building and infrastructure for community-based organizations awarded these federal COVID-19 grants and contracts. To provide technical assistance and capacity building, King County has allocated $400,000 through 2022 to contract with organizations and businesses that have the expertise to provide services to potential applicants and grantees.

 Apply for Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Services

To receive technical assistance and capacity building services, you must:

  • Be an organization with a 501 C3 status (504s not eligible) 
  • Staff of 20 people or less 
  • Annual operating budget of $2 million or less 
  • Serve communities most impacted by COVID-19.  


Our Technical Assistance and Capacity Building partners can help with: 

  • Grant-writing and grant budget development 

  • Accounting 

  • Grant Management 

  • Designing data collection methods 

  • Strategic planning 

  • Long-term budget development 

  • Governance structures 

  • Standard operating policies and procedures 

  • Staff structure 

  • Technology solutions 

Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Services List

Step 1. Apply- Review the qualifications for acceptance to the TACB program. Once complete fill out the one page application form. You will then be contacted by King County and asked to provide the last two years of your organization's 990’s

Step 2. Verification- A member of our team will review your application within 48 hours. Once reviewed and your documents verified, the member will contact you to alert you of your eligibility. If eligible, the team member will set up an introductory meeting with one of our contracted providers that best suits the needs you described in your application.

Step 3. Provider Introductory meeting- During this meeting you will meet your prospective TACB provider. The purpose of this session is for you to explain your TACB needs to the provider in greater detail, and for the provider to determine the best plan of action to reach your goals. The provider will also determine the amount of hours needed to best assist you.

Step 4. Agreement- One of our team members will review the provider’s assessment and recommendation and contact you with the results. If the approach is agreeable, you will enter into a formal working relationship with the provider for the agreed upon time period, up to a total of 10 hours.

Step 5. Service- During your allotted time with the provider, they will be documenting their activites with you to provide our office and understanding of their work. Your needs and success are our priority for this program, please contact a member of the team immediately if you feel your needs are not being met.

Step 6. Evaluation- at the conclusion of your work together, you will be given a survey form to communicate with our team how our providers helped you, your satisfaction with the service and with the program in general. This is important information we can utilize in the future.

Step 7. Monitoring- One of our largest goals with the TACB program is to help our CBO’s be better equipped to successfully apply and maintain King County Federal grants. As such we would like to keep in contact with you after the conclusion of your service to understand out the provided service helped you in those areas.

Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Grants Timeline



Q. What kind of organization is eligible for receiving Technical Assistance or Capacity Building services? 

A. Organizations must be headquartered in King County and directly service communities of opportunity. You must have fewer than 20 full-time equivalent staff and an annual operating budget of less than $2M at the time of application. 


Q. I believe my organization qualifies for assistance; how do I apply? 

A. Fill out a Technical Assistance/Capacity Building (TA/CB) request form. In the request form, please describe the challenges you are requesting assistance with, so we have enough information to match you with the appropriate consultant(s) 


Q. When will my organization know if it will receive services, and who will provide it? 

A. Requests made by the eligible small organizations will be received and reviewed by team staff within 1-2 business days. Based on consultants’ subject matter expertise, organizations will be sent profiles of up to 2 consultants.  Organizations may have 30-minute discovery consultations with up to 2 consultants. The discovery consultation is meant for the organization to explain any challenges they have that would benefit from having a consultant, and goals they hope to achieve.  It is also the time when the organization will get an idea of how the consultant works, which will help in making a choice on which consultant to work with. 


Q. How much assistance will TA/CB providers render our organization? 

A. A member of our team will match the requester with a consultant based on their application. From there the requester and consultant will have an introductory meeting to determine compatibility and work plan, the consultant will estimate the length and expected hours (up to 10 total hours) to complete the project and share with our team.  Once the project is approved, the consultant and organization begin the work. 


Q.What if I have a fiscal sponsor?
A. In the event your organization has a fiscal sponsor, you can forward your Fiscal Sponsor contact for 990 Verification. Your Fiscal Sponsor will be asked to provide 2 years of 990's, a signed letter of relationship and two years of approved budget for your entity. logo


Mission: Inspire and support the development and implementation of authentic and personalized change management using a DEIA framework.  
Vision: We will be the premier consulting firm in the country for nonprofit change and leadership management using a DEIA framework. 

We offer grant-writing and grant budget development for federal and state applications. Strategic planning using a community-based model. Financial policy development in response to federal Uniform Administrative Requirements. Long-term budget development (two years +) for strategic planning and standard operations using a staff/board development model, Governance structures including standard, consensus, and learning about Policy Governance models to support board development. Setting up internal controls related to financial policies and contract obligations. 

Location: South King County

Visit StrataG.Works website.

The Capacity Collective - Strength in numbers

The Capacity Collective 

We believe in the power of community. We believe when we come together, with all of our knowledge and ways of knowing, we can strengthen and empower communities. 

Data collection is key to a program’s success. It sets a tone for your relationships with the communities you serve, either building trust, or creating stress. We help CBOs design culturally-responsive data collection tools that support their goals and funder requirements, while also allowing programs to think big about how they want to grow and improve in the future. From intake forms to satisfaction surveys to photovoice projects, we help you create the tools that support collecting the high quality, meaningful data you need to be successful. 

Capacity Building: Data Technology Solutions 

Having a good data management system (such as a CRM) can take your CBO to the next level by letting you look at your data in new ways. Beyond Excel or Google Sheets, the right database helps you to securely store your data, check data quality, track clients over time, take attendance at events, visualize your impacts, and report to funders and upper management. We can support you in selecting the right system for your program needs, planning the implementation, implementing a new system, and migrating data from other systems. We co-create the system with you to ensure it meets your needs, and so you can maintain it after our time together. 

Location: King County

Visit The Capacity Collective's website. 

Scandiuzzi - Krebs Logo

Scandiuzzi Krebs

Scandiuzzi Krebs is a holistic consulting firm based in Seattle that serves culture and community building organizations. All of our work is led by our utmost guiding values: mutual exchange and radical accountability.  
Our firm is specifically targeted towards serving small, community-led organizations. Our team of experienced consultants each have decades of experience working within CBOs, in a diversity of key leadership roles (fundraising, executive management, program development, and more). We are united by our shared core values and our interest in applying the knowledge we have accrued through direct experience to supporting other institutions’ vital work. 
Scandiuzzi Krebs offers a wide range of support services to community-based organizations. These services include but are not limited to: Grant writing, grant budget development, and grant management: Our team can help write and edit competitive proposals, manage and track your grants calendar and reporting requirements, develop programmatic and operational budgets, and identify new funding prospects. Strategic planning: A good strategic plan clearly outlines your mission, vision and values; identifies your natural strengths and opportunities for growth; lays out your key objectives and tactics; and identifies a clear system for evaluation and funding. We can help provide an organizational and development assessment as well as lead your strategic planning process. Bookkeeping: We can provide full-service bookkeeping, including payroll and local and state compliance either through Scandiuzzi Krebs or our sister firm Seattle Accounting Services. Long-term budget development: Whether you are a new non-profit or in a new stage of organizational growth, our team can help you write strong general operating budgets, specific programmatic budgets, and strategic, multi-year capital campaign budgets. Governance structures: We can assist with incorporation, bylaws, board member roles and responsibilities, and more. Standard operating policies and procedures: Our team can strengthen your internal processes and policies, increasing efficiency and setting you up for future growth. Staff structure: Our team can assist with best practices in terms of hiring, onboarding, and maintaining staff, determining your most effective staffing structure, and mapping your organizational chart. Fundraising: We can offer a wide range of fundraising services, including capital campaign guidance, annual fund strategy, and even interim fundraising leadership and development department start-up. 

Location: Central Seattle

Visit Scandiuzzi Krebs' website. 

Latitude Grant Writing Logo

Latitude Grant Writing LLC

Latitude specializes in getting small, BIPOC-led nonprofits funded. We take a client-driven, strengths-based approach. We work with organizations to shape their stories and cast vision for their work in a way that dignifies those served. For the past ten years, we have provided grant writing, data reporting, contract management, budget development, and program consultation services to community-based organizations throughout King County.  

Latitude Grant Writing, LLC will provide eligible non-profits with Technical Assistance.  

Technical Assistance will include… 

1. Grant writing—Grant writing consists of working closely with clients to craft a compelling, authentic, and competitive proposal 

2. Eligibility and program design consulting—Eligibility consulting consists of working with clients to review proposal eligibility and ensure an eligible program that aligns with the organizations work and meets the requirements of the application. It also consists of supporting clients with identifying other sources of funding that could be a better fit if they are ineligible for a given funding stream. 

3. Proposal feedback and revisions—Proposal feedback and revisions consists of reviewing proposal drafts based on application rubrics and requirements for clarity, consistency and accuracy. 

4. Grant budget development—Grant budget development consists of working with clients to create a realistic and thorough budget based on the organization’s work and needs.  

5. Grant management and contract reporting support— Grant management and contract reporting support includes working with the client and King County to ensure all invoicing and reports are completed accurately and on-time, working with the client to design and understand their contract and accompanying requirements, and helping to develop systems for data collection based on contract requirements.   

 Location: King County

Visit Latitude Grant Writing LLC's website. 

Laced Together logo - Tying people to communities through courageous stories

Laced Together

Laced Together is a non-profit fundraising consultation business with a specialty in grants. We strive to support organizations to attain their goals through their voice and their approach to community work. We are here first to listen as we know that you are the experts in community work. Our role is to uplift your voice and your goals through our specialized expertise and unique perspective.  
We have over a decade worth of experience in fundraising strategy with a focus on small, grassroots organizations and those that are led by and for their community. We have an excellent track record of supporting small nonprofits in securing government grants at all levels.  We also have supported organizations in Board development, Executive Director and staff searches, governance systems, strategic planning, and more.  

Laced Together will provide both TA and CB support specifically focusing on the following:  

  • Grant-writing and grant budget development 
  • Grant Management 
  • Designing data collection methods 
  • Strategic planning 
  • Governance structures 
  • Staff structure 
  • Standard operating policies and procedures 

Location: East King County

Visit Laced Together's website.