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Emergency exit button

Emergency exit button

Adding an escape button to pages about domestic violence

The King County Auditor's Office conducted a review of county websites on domestic violence and asked us to add quick escape buttons that would quickly navigate users to a more generic page.

You can see a working example of this at

  1. Link to the "Quick exit" styles and Javascript

    1. Find the "Advanced settings" section of the Sitecore page.

      advanced settings

    2. Paste this into the "CustomHead" box:

      <link rel="stylesheet" href="/-/media/styles/quick-exit.css">
    3. Paste this into the "CustomScriptBlock" box:

      <script src="/-/media/scripts/quick-exit.js"></script>
    4. Click "Save" to save the page.
  1. Add the "Quick exit" button and warning information

    These steps will quickly add the approved button and warning text. (We include warning text because visitors to a domestic violence page don't necessarily know that a "Quick exit" button isn't going to hide their web history.)

    1. Click the + to open the "Addons" folder under the page where you're adding the "quick-exit".

    2. If your content is in an Add-on:

      1. Right-click the "Addons" folder

      2. Choose "Insert" from the pop-up menu

      3. Click "Column Row"

      4. In the Addon item you just added, go into the HTML code, delete everything, and paste this:

      5. Save your work.

      If your content is just in the "Main content" box in Sitecore

      1. Go into the HTML code and paste this at the very top:

      2. Save your work.

    3. In the content tree, click the page you've been working on

    4. In the Sitecore ribbon, click "Preview"

    5. Once everything looks the way you want it to look, approve and publish the page and the item in your page's "Addons" folder, if you created one.