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Sitecore error messages

Sitecore error messages

What does it mean?

There is some bad HTML on your page, most likely one of these:

  • Container tags that were opened but never closed
  • Container tags that are closed in the wrong order (aka improperly nested)
  • An HTML table that's inside a <p> ... </p> container
  • An HTML table whose code isn't quite right

It worked before. Why does Sitecore hate me?

It's not Sitecore's fault. Some things that were okay in HTML 2.0 just don't work in HTML 5.0, which is what we use now.

Fine, so what do I do?

Choices to resolve this error include:

  • If you know HTML, you can fix your code.
  • If you don't know HTML, you can rewrite your content.
  • If you don't know HTML and don't want to rewrite the content, you can ask someone for help. We ( are able to help with this sort of thing, with a couple caveats:
    • If we are on a deadline it might take a while for your request to get addressed.
    • If it's more than a quick fix, we might need to charge for the work. We'd let you know if that's the case.