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Business complaints/inquiry

Business complaints/inquiry

King County issues business licenses for businesses engaged in a regulated activity within unincorporated King County, meaning the areas outside the city limits of any city or town. See regulated business activity and types of business licenses for more information.

You may contact the Department of Local Services, Permitting Division (Permitting) at 206-296-6600 to inquire if a regulated business for which the Permitting issues a license has obtained a King County license or if a County license is required. Contact the King County Records and Licensing Services Division at 206-263-2880 for questions about businesses they issue licenses for.

While the business about which you wish to inquire might not require a King County license, all businesses operating in Washington State are required to obtain a Washington State business license external link . To inquire if a business is licensed by the State, please call the State Department of Revenue at 1-800-647-7706 or go online to external link .

Additionally, any business operating within the city limits of any city in King County may be required to have a city business license. For businesses operating in Seattle external link , call 206-684-8484. For businesses in Bellevue external link , call 425-452-6851. Contact information for other cities.

If you have a complaint about a business, you can contact the Better Business Bureau external link at 206-431-2222 and also the Consumer Protection external link division of the Washington State Attorney General's Office external link at 206-464-6684 or 1-800-551-4636 external link .

If you have a complaint about the operation of an illegal business, violations of the King County Zoning Code, or irresponsible or hazardous development within unincorporated King County, please contact Permitting Code Enforcement. You can file a complaint pdf or reach Code Enforcement at 206-296-6680.