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Customer Service Officers

Customer Service Officers

Customer Service Officer photo banner

Under the leadership of King County Executive Dow Constantine, each executive branch department has identified a Customer Service Officer to help ensure that King County becomes more accessible, transparent, and accountable to the people we serve.

If you have any trouble getting your questions answered, our Customer Services Officers are here to help.

Executive branch agencies Phone Customer Service Officer
Executive Office 206-263-9600 Natasha Jones
Adult & Juvenile Detention (DAJD) 206-477-9916 Angela Simmons
Community & Human Services (DCHS) 206-477-9108
http://Katie Rogers
Executive Services (DES) 206-263-9755 Tom Koney
Human Resources (DHR) 206-263-0218 Leslie Mullins
Judicial Administration (DJA/Superior Court Clerk) 206-296-9300 DJA Customer Service email address
Local Services (DLS) 206-477-3801 Cheryl Binetti
Natural Resources & Parks (DNRP) 206-263-0544 Lester Kinlow
Public Defense (DPD) 206-477-0303 Christina Alburas
Public Health (DPH) 206-263-8409 Stephanie Scappini
Transit/Metro (KCMT) 206-477-8585 Tiffani Duncan
Information Technology (KCIT) 206-477-4785 Elaine Porterfield
Ombudsman - Office of Citizen Complaints 206-477-1050 Amy Calderwood
Sr. Deputy Ombudsman for Rural Affairs
Office of Citizen Complaints
206-477-1058 Elizabeth Hill
Office of Performance, Strategy and Budget (PSB) 206-263-9622 Michael Jacobson
Independently elected offices Phone Customer Service Officer
Assessor 206-477-3245 Jonathan Larson
King County Council 206-296-1000 King County Council email address
District Court 206-205-9200 King County District Court email address
Elections 206-296-8683 King County Elections email address
Prosecuting Attorney (PAO) 206 296-9000 Prosecuting Attorney's Office email address
Sheriff (KCSO) 206 296-4155 Sheriff's Office email address
Superior Court 206 296-9100 Superior Court Clerk's Office email address