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Snoqualmie Flood-Farm Task Force Report

Snoqualmie Flood-Farm Task Force Report

Cover - Snoqualmie Flood-Farm Task Force ReportThe Snoqualmie Flood-Farm Task Force Report presents an analysis of possible mechanisms to help Snoqualmie Valley farms that are periodically inundated by floods in ways that maintain good floodplain management and continue to support salmon recovery in the lower Snoqualmie River. The report offers findings and recommendations as requested by two separate pieces of legislation adopted by the King County Council:

  • Task Force – Motion 12559.  The King County Executive was directed to convene a Task Force that included agricultural representatives to review measures intended to encourage the continued viability of agriculture in the Snoqualmie Valley Agricultural Production District specifically in relationship to flood plain regulations. The Task Force included representatives from the agricultural community, Hmong, and the King Conservation District.
  • Demonstration Project – Ordinance 15883.  This ordinance authorized a demonstration project for the repair or reconfiguration of existing livestock flood sanctuaries (or “farm pads”, the term to be used in the report).  The Task Force established under Motion 12559 was instructed to evaluate the effectiveness and success of the demonstration project.

The findings and recommendations are intended to help improve the viability of agriculture in the Snoqualmie River Valley without worse flooding for others or harming salmon populations.

The Snoqualmie Farm-Flood Task Force Report is provided in sections to enable faster downloads and minimize errors. For help using Acrobat, please visit our Acrobat Help page.

Download here:

Snoqualmie River Farm-Flood Task Force Report (120 Kb)

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