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Groundwater Protection Committees in King County

Groundwater Protection Committees in King County

The King County Groundwater Protection code establishes a Groundwater Protection Committee for each GWMA with a certified plan. These four areas are: Vashon-Maury Island, Redmond-Bear Creek, Issaquah Creek Valley and East King County. King County DNRP as the lead agency for the County's Groundwater Protection Program works in conjunction with the Groundwater Protection Committees to implement the recommendations of the local Groundwater Management Plan and address current local groundwater issues. Additionally, the committees advise King County and others on groundwater related actions and activities.

The membership of each committee and the committee responsibilities are defined by King County Code Chapter 9.14. Committee members serve in a voluntary capacity and are formally appointed by King County or in some cases by the city they represent.

See a map of the Groundwater Management Areas (GWMAs) in King County.

King County Groundwater Committees

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East King County — Inactive as of 2004

Issaquah Creek — Inactive as of 2007

Redmond-Bear Creek — Inactive as of 2007

Vashon-Maury Island — Active

The South King County GWMA has a locally managed Groundwater Management Committee. This site currently provides no information on this committee.

The Groundwater Protection Committee Members are selected from within the groundwater management plan area and consist of the following representatives:

  • one representative from the groundwater advisory committee (which originally developed the Ground Water Management Plan);
  • one representative from water purveyors;
  • one representative from sewer and water utilities and associations;
  • one representative from residential well users;
  • one representative from business owners;
  • one representative from commercial agriculturists;
  • one representative from every city whose boundaries lie within the GWMA;
  • one representative from the Vashon - Maury Island;
  • one representative from chambers of commerce;
  • one representative from local environmental organizations;
  • tribal nations with federally-recognized rights within the GWMA (invitations will be extended to tribal nations, but participation is left to each tribe's discretion); and
  • one representative from each abutting counties, Public Health --Seattle & King County, and the state Department of Ecology and Department of Health will be invited to participate as non-voting members.

Candidates interested in serving on a committee should apply to the County Executive. The Executive, subject to Council approval, appoints committee members. The committees will meet a minimum of three times a year.

For more information, please call Greg Rabourn, staff liaison for Groundwater Protection Committees, at 206-477-4805.

Countywide Groundwater Information

This page is produced by the King County Groundwater Protection Program. To learn more about this group and its responsibilities, please read about the Groundwater Protection Program.