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Templates - for King County's Mitigation Reserves Program

Templates & Resources

Mitigation Reserves Program

When using the King County In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Program, you may find the following documents useful:

In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Application PDF (96 KB) - Fill this form out to begin the contract process. Note: Please call MRP staff to discuss use of the program before filling out an application.

In-Lieu Fee Use Plan PDF (278 KB) - Applicants must complete an In-Lieu Fee Use Plan (ILF Use Plan) to be included with or submitted in lieu of the mitigation plan that is submitted to the regulatory agencies. King County also requires applicants proposing the use of the King County In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Program to include an ILF Use Plan with the submitted application. The ILF Use Plan helps the regulatory agencies determine if the use of an ILF Program provides adequate compensation for the permitted impact project.   

Terms of Sale Template Download Word document (44 KB) - To be completed in consultation with MRP staff after In-Lieu Fee Use Plan has been approved by all applicable regulatory agencies, impact quantification and description has been approved by them, and final permits have been obtained for the project.

Credit-Debit Method external link - This is the methodology that quantifies debits at impact sites and credits at mitigation sites. This method only applies to wetlands. (Publication title: Calculating Credits and Debits for Compensatory Mitigation in Wetlands of Western Washington; Ecology Publication #10-06-011)

Application for the Restoration and Permitting Program for Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish

Department of Ecology Answers to FAQs external link

King County Answers to FAQs

If you are a permittee or consultant interested in using the King County In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Program, please read Information for Permittee/Consultants before beginning work on any of the templates provided above.

For questions about King County's Mitigation Reserves Program, please contact program staff.