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Does your project area qualify for this grant? Type in an address to find out if your project is in King County's Wastewater Treatment Division service area. 


To find more information about your project site, such as watershed boundaries, lakes and streams, and council district areas, use the interactive map linked below:

Interactive Mapping Tool


Tips for using the Interactive Mapping Tool:

Four different types of information or "layers" are available on this map. By clicking on the layer list on the upper left corner (the stack of squares) you can open up the list make a selection. By default, all layers are on when opened.

  • Wastewater service area shows the area that WTD serves; projects must provide a benefit to water quality within this area.
  • Watershed boundaries shows the larger drainage basin. For more information see King County watersheds. 
  • Council districts show the areas for the nine elected King County Council Members.
  • Streams shows the location and names of streams. You must zoom in to see this feature.

To zoom in or out, click on the + or - icon on the upper left corner of the map. You can also re-position by clicking and dragging, or re-center by clicking the home button.

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