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Resources for grant recipients

This information is for organizations that have received funding through WaterWorks and have active grants. Below you’ll find information on reporting, payments and logo use.

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Online Grant Portal

Project reporting and payments

Funded projects are required to submit quarterly reports as well as a final report, through the online grant portal. Payments are also part of this system. Complete instructions can be found in the document How to Complete Quarterly Reports and in the video below.



This is a recorded webinar (51 minutes) describing the steps in completing quarterly reports. It goes into more detail than the written instructions, and includes examples, tips on how to avoid common errors, and frequently asked questions. While the recording is from 2020, most of the information is the same for 2021 projects. Timestamps below are listed in “minutes:seconds” format, so you can skip to the section you need to view.

  • Welcome, Intros 00:00
  • Grant Portal Basics & Login 02:46
  • Contact or address changes 04:26
  • Progress Report 08:58
  • Metrics 16:18
  • Budget & Expense Report 23:30
    • Excel Expense Form 26:51
    • Backup Documents 32:48
    • Common Expense Report Errors 39:27
  • Frequently Asked Questions 43:06

Logos and guidelines

Please make sure to acknowledge your funding from WaterWorks properly by reviewing this logo guide, as well as Exhibit C of your grant agreement (funding and acknowledgements). Note that logos should only be used on WaterWorks-funded projects.