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November 2021

The WaterWorks grants for 2021-22 have been approved! Both the competitive track and council-allocated track project lists have been approved for 68 grants totaling $5 million. View lists of 2021-22 Competitive Funded Projects and 2021-22 Council-allocated Funded Projects .

WaterWorks is not accepting new applications at this time, the next grant cycle will be in 2023. To get updates, sign up for email alerts under “Stay connected” on this page.

King County WaterWorks awarded 11 grants for the first cycle and 12 grants for the second cycle, each cycle totaling $850,000. The third cycle is a two-year cycle, and awarded 23 projects totaling $1,860,000 for 2017/2018. The fourth cycle, also a two-year cycle, awarded 28 projects totaling $2,139,500.

WaterWorks 2015 Grant Awards (1st Cycle)

WaterWorks 2016 Grant Awards (2nd Cycle)

WaterWorks 2017/2018 Grant Awards (3rd Cycle)

WaterWorks 2019/2020 Grant Awards (4th Cycle)

WaterWorks 2021/2022 Grant Awards  (5th Cycle)

In addition to the WaterWorks competitive grants, water quality project funding is available through King County Council allocated funding.

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