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Did you know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that everyone six months and older get a flu vaccine each season? The flu vaccine is the number one way to protect yourself and your family, friends, and co-workers from getting the flu this season. Flu shots have many important benefits; getting a flu shot can reduce your risk of getting the flu, help protect vulnerable populations, and conserve health care resources as we continue to navigate these uncertain times.

Each fall, the option to get your flu shot at work is available to King County employees.


How to participate

Onsite flu clinics are available to all King County employees with an appointment ahead of time. King County’s onsite flu shot schedule and information on how to schedule an appointment can be found hereOnsite flu clinics may be helpful for those reporting to County worksites in person. 

Employees who are telecommuting and employees’ family members may find it more convenient to go to their healthcare provider’s office or a local pharmacy. Learn more about how to get a flu shot through your provider or local pharmacy.



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