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Hello and thank you for visiting my substance use and recovery page! It is my hope that with this page you can learn more about my work on substance use disorder and find resources for recovery.

Helping people find recovery from substance use disorder is my passion. Many people do not know this, but I am active in recovery from alcohol use and am grateful to have earned many years of sobriety. During my journey to recovery, I found that having the support of my friends and family made all the difference in helping me reclaim my life. Because of this experience, I want to help those who continue to suffer with substance use disorders. I hope to provide the same support that has been so meaningful to me during my recovery process and, ultimately, to help encourage those who need it to get treatment.

I believe that the unprecedented rise in substance use disorder in both our region and across the country is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Substance use disorder does not know geography, class, or educational level. People suffering from substance use disorder or who have found recovery are our family, our friends, and our neighbors. However, we know that with treatment, recovery is always possible. By the numbers, 1 in 10 Americans—over 22 million people—have recovered from a drug or alcohol problem, and that 80% of those who recover go on to accomplish at least one major life achievement such as getting a stable job or finding a home

It is my hope that King County will be a leader in our state and our country in removing barriers to treatment and helping more people find recovery. Below, in the “Recent Initiatives” section, I share some of the ways I am working toward this goal through my service on the King County Council.

If you are interested in finding recovery support for yourself or someone close to you, please see the “Recovery Resources” section below. Remember—if you or someone you love is struggling with drugs or alcohol, there is always hope. Treatment works, and help is out there for those who seek it.

All my best,
Reagan Dunn
Councilmember, District 9
King County Council

Recovery Resources

   Department of Community and Human Services - Behavioral Health and Recovery Client Services: 206-263-8997 or 1-800-790-8049
   King County Recovery Coalition
•   The Sober Curator
•   Public Health – Seattle & King County Laced and Lethal Partner Toolkit
•   Swedish Addiction Recovery Services
•   Recovery Beyond 
•   Adult Teen Challenge   

Conference on Substance Use Disorders

More information will be coming soon about the 3rd annual King County Conference on Substance Use Disorder that will be happening in spring of 2023. 

Until then, see videos from past conferences below!

Recent Initiatives

Recovery Champion Award

In September of 2022 I led my colleagues on the King County Council in creating the King County Recovery Champion Award. This annual award honors an individual or organization that puts their energy and skills to work supporting those suffering from substance use disorders. In a world where a majority of the things we hear about are negative, I thought that an award like this would allow us to highlight the heroes among us. Our inaugural recipient of the Recovery Champion Award was Public Health – Seattle & King County’s Brad Finegood. To learn more about the award and Brad, watch the video below:

“Don’t Count Us Out” campaign to reduce stigma around substance use

In late 2022, King County Public Health – Seattle & King County launched the “Don’t Count Us Out” Campaign to Reduce Stigma around Substance Use Disorder. This campaign spreads the message that addiction does not define anyone’s future, and that recovery is always possible for anyone who wants to reclaim their life. The companion website,, shares scientific facts about addiction, important statistics about recovery, ways to help someone with an addiction, and resources for getting treatment.

Councilmember Reagan Dunn, in collaboration with Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles, proposed the initiative and championed $500,000 in funding for it in King County’s 2021 mid-biennial supplemental budget.

Behavioral health intervention within the Best Starts for Kids Levy

During the passing of the implementation plan for King County’s Best Starts for Kids Levy, I put forward a motion that required the County to identify strategies related to prevention, outreach, and early intervention to address mental health and substance use disorders in children and youth ages five or older, suggesting a targeted awareness campaign about the risks of substance use. By doing this we committed to investing in the mental health and wellbeing of our children will help them have the best shot at a happy and healthy future.

Recent News

2022 Recovery Champion Award recipient of King County – Washington Recovery Alliance 

MLK Distinguished Service Award to SAMHA

Fighting to establish the 988 line