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King County votes by mail, which means that you’ll receive your ballot and voters’ pamphlet through the mail. Ballots are mailed 20 days prior to the election and earlier to overseas and service voters. 金郡以郵寄投票,這意味着您將透過郵寄收到您的選票和選民手冊。在每次選舉的20天之前會寄出選票, 而海外及服役選民而海外及服役選民會更早寄出。

Tips for voting 投票提示

  • Read the ballot, envelope and voters’ pamphlet carefully. 仔細閲讀選票,信封和選民手冊。
  • Completely fill in the oval next to your choice. 填滿您選項旁的橢圓形空格。
  • We will count only those races for which you voted, and your ballot will be processed even if you don’t vote for each race. 我們只會點算那些您填投的選項,即使您沒有填投所有選項,您的選票仍會被處理。
  • Remove and recycle the stub at the top of the ballot. 將選票頂部的存根撕下來並回收。
  • Sign the declaration on the back of the return envelope. 簽署在回郵信封背面的宣言。
  • Do not put multiple ballots in one envelope. 不要將多份選票放入同一個信封内。