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Regardless of where you are in the world, you have the right to cast a ballot in every election and have it arrive on time to be counted. Overseas and service voters have additional voter registration, ballot delivery, and ballot return options than other voters. 無論您身在世界何處,您有權在每次選舉中投票並及時將選票交回,以便其得以計算。海外及服役選民比其他選民擁有額外的選民登記、選票遞送以及選票交回選擇。

A service voter is any active-duty member of the Armed Forces, Merchant Marine, Public Health Service, NOAA, and their family members (whether stationed domestically or abroad). 服役選民是指任何一名在軍隊、海軍商船、 公共衛生服務和國家海洋與大氣管理局的現役成員及其家人(無論是駐守國內或海外)。

An overseas voter is any United States citizen who is living outside the U.S. for work, school, or other reasons. 海外選民是指任何一名因工作、 就學或其它原因而居住在美國境外的美國公民。

Overseas and service voters can register to vote at any time, even on election day. 海外及服役選民可以在任何時間進行登記投票, 即使是在選舉日。

Have a printer? You can mark and print your ballot with the online ballot marking program. 有列印機嗎?您可以透過網上選票填寫項目填投並將您的選票列印出來。

If you have a question or would like to make other arrangements to vote in this election, contact King County Elections. 若您有任何疑問或希望在此次選舉中作出其它投票安排, 請聯絡金郡選舉部

Service and overseas ballots are sent 30 days before a special election, and 45 days before a primary or general election. 服役及海外選票會在特別選舉前30天寄出,以及初選或普選前45天寄出。

There are three ways that an overseas or service voter can return a ballot: 海外或服役選民可透過三個方法交回選票:

1. Electronically: 1. 電子方式

Washington State law allows overseas and service voters to return their ballot materials by email or fax. 華盛頓州法律允許海外及服役選民透過電郵或傳真方式交回其選票資料。

  1. Email: 電郵至
  2. Fax: 206-296-4499 傳真至:206-296-4499

We must receive your marked, signed and dated ballot materials no later than 8 p.m. (Pacific Time) on election day. 我們必須在選舉日晚上8時(太平洋時間)前收到您已填投,簽署並註明日期的選票資料。

2. Mail: 2. 郵寄方式

Return postage is free if the ballot is mailed through the U.S. Postal Service, U.S. Armed Forces Postal Service or the postal service of the U.S. Foreign Embassy. Be sure to sign and date your return envelope. The date on your envelope should be the same as the date you mailed your ballot (no later than election day). 如果選票是通過美國郵政服務,美國軍隊郵政服務,或美國駐外國大使館郵政服務寄回,郵費則全免。 請確保您在回郵信封上簽署並註明日期。 您信封上的日期應該是您所寄出選票的日期(此日期不能遲於選舉日)。

3. In-person : 3. 親自交回

You can return your ballot to one of our drop off locations before 8 p.m. on election day. 您可以在選舉日晚上8時之前, 將您的選票交回到我們其中一個選票投放箱

For information about postal service disruptions or delays anywhere in the world, visit USPS Service Alerts . We encourage voters experiencing postal disruptions or delays to sign up to receive and return their ballot electronically. 有關世界各地郵政服務中斷或延誤的資料,請查看美國郵政服務局警訊 (USPS Service Alerts) 我們鼓勵任何受到郵政中斷或延誤的選民登記以電子方式接收及交回其選票。