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Your ballot travels a long way from the time it’s printed to the time it’s mailed to you and returned to our office. 您的選票從印刷那刻起到郵寄給您,然後返回到我們的辦公室,其中經歷了很長的過程。

Your ballot packet is assembled about four weeks prior to Election Day. Ballot packets include a ballot, security and return envelopes, and any informational inserts. 您的選票郵件會在選舉日前約四個星期進行組裝。選票郵件包括一個選票、保安和回郵信封、以及任何資料性插頁。

If you are a local voter your ballot is mailed to you three weeks before Election Day. If you are overseas or a service voter, your ballot is mailed 45 days before a primary or general election and 30 days before special elections to allow more time for the ballot to reach you. 如果您是一名本地選民,您的選票會在選舉日前約三個星期郵寄給您。如果您是一名海外或服役選民,您的選票會在初選或普選之前45天,或在特別選舉之前30天寄出,以便有足夠時間讓選票送達您手中。

You have until Election Day to vote and return your ballot. Your ballot must be returned to a ballot drop box no later than 8 p.m. on election night, or be postmarked by the U.S. Postal Service no later than Election Day. 您直至選舉日都可以投票及交回您的選票。您必須在選舉日晚上8時前將您的選票交回到選票投放箱,或者由美國郵政服務加蓋不遲於選舉日的郵戳。

Your ballot packet is returned to our office where a mail sorting machine scans the barcode for your information and takes a picture of the signature on the envelope. This signature will then be used in the verification process. Watch ballot sorting live during an election. 當您的選票郵件交回到我們的辦公室後,郵件分類機會掃描條碼以獲取您的資料,並且拍下信封上的簽名圖像。此簽名之後會被用於確認程序。在選舉期間現場觀看如何將選票進行分類

State law requires that we compare your signature on the ballot envelope with your signature on file before we can count your ballot. If the signatures match, we can count your ballot. If the signatures do not match or is missing, we contact you by mail, email, and phone letting you know how to take care of the issue. You have until the day before the election is certified to respond. Watch signature verification live during an election. 州法律規定我們在點算您的選票前,將您在選票信封上的簽名與檔案内的簽名進行比較。若簽名吻合,我們則點算您的選票。若簽名不吻合或無簽名,我們將通過郵寄,電郵或電話與您聯絡,告知您該如何處理問題,您可以直至選舉確證日前一天作出回應。在選舉期間現場觀看如何進行簽名確證

Working with a batch of ballots, we first remove all the security envelopes from the return envelopes. This is the point where we separate the identity of the voter from the ballot inside the envelope to ensure your votes remain private. We then remove all ballots from the security envelopes. Finally, we inspect the ballot to see if the votes as marked by the voter can be properly read by our scanning equipment. We flag ballots that need additional review and send all ballots to another workgroup to be scanned. Watch ballot opening live during an election. 要面對處理一批選票,我們首先從回郵信封中取出所有保密信封。這是我們將選民身份從信封中的選票抽離出來的一步,以確保您的投票依然保有私密性。然後我們將所有選票從保密信封内取出。最後,我們檢查選票以確保掃描機可正確地讀取選民填寫的投票。我們會對需要額外審查的選票做標記,並將所有選票送往到另一個工作組進行掃描。在選舉期間現場觀看如何進行開啟選票

Once your ballot is ready for counting, we scan the ballots and store the images on a secure and closed system. The tabulation server is secured in a room with security cameras, biometric-controlled access, and tamper evident seals. Watch ballot scanning live during an election. 一旦您的選票準備好進行點算,我們會掃描您的選票並將掃描圖像貯存在一個安全且封閉的系統上。該點票服務器被固定在一個設有監視器、生物識別和防篡封條的房間内。在選舉期間現場觀看如何進行選票掃描

After ballots are scanned we review the electronic images for any stray marks, unclear voter intent or corrections. We review ballots in teams of two people to ensure the votes are counted correctly. We use the Voter Intent Manual created by the Office of the Secretary of State to ensure we are counting your votes as you intended. Using this guide ensures our voter intent decisions are made consistently from team to team and election to election. Watch ballot review live during an election. 在選票進行掃描後,我們會審查電子圖像是否有任何雜散符號、不明確的選民意圖或更改。我們以兩人一組對選票進行檢查,以確保投票得到正確的點算。我們使用由州務卿辦公室所編制的 選民意願手冊 ,以確保我們按照您的意願點算您的投票。使用此手冊能確保我們的選民意願在每次團隊與選舉之間的一致性。在選舉期間現場在選舉期間現場觀看如何進行檢查選票

Tabulation occurs at 8 p.m. on election night and results are made public soon after. Scanning and counting continue daily until all eligible votes are counted and the election is certified. Watch ballot scanning live during an election. 點票會在選舉日晚上8時開始,並隨後即將選舉結果公佈。掃描和點票工作每天都繼續進行,直至所有有效選票被點算和選舉獲確證為止。在選舉期間現場觀看如何進行選票掃描