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King County is the largest jurisdiction in the United States to conduct all elections by mail. The county has 1.40 million registered voters, a number that continues to grow each month. It is the 13th-most populated county in the country and home to one third of Washington’s voters.  金郡是美國境內以郵寄方式進行所有選舉的最大管轄區。金郡擁有140萬名登記選民,而這個數字每個月在不斷的增長。金郡是全國第13大人口最頻密的郡,且是華盛頓州三分之一 選民的家。

Led by Julie Wise, King County Elections is staffed by approximately 70 dedicated full-time employees who have a strong sense of pride and commitment to the work they perform. Working with the Executive and Council, Elections has implemented more than 300 reforms since 2004. We have an ongoing commitment to establish open and transparent processes.Julie Wise領導下,金郡選舉部聘用了大約70名敬業的全職員工,他們均具有貢獻精神,並對其工作有着強烈的自豪感和責任感。自2004年以來,選舉部與郡長及議會並肩合作,實施了300多項的改革。我們一直致建立開放和透明程序。 

King County Elections conducts accurate, secure and accessible elections, providing an important opportunity for county voters to participate in their government. The countywide vote-by-mail system allows us to provide outstanding service to residents, including the opportunity for public observation. Visitors are welcome to tour the 360-degree observation loop during business hours.金郡選舉部實施準確、安全和方便的選舉,為郡選民能投入參與其政府而提供重要的機會。該全郡性以郵寄方式進行投票的系統允許我們為居民提供出色的服務,包括公眾觀望的機會。歡迎訪客在辦公時間參觀360度的觀察循環徑。 

King County Elections is a well-respected leader within the elections community for its programs, outreach and education, accessible voting advocacy and technology innovations. Voters can confirm their registration and track their ballots’ progress online. We also provide online candidate filing, with more than 90 percent of candidates now filing on the Web.由於金郡選舉部的項目、外展及教育、方便投票的倡導和科技上的創新,使其在選舉的領域上成為一個備受尊崇的領導。選民可以在網上確認他們的登記,並可追蹤其選票的進程。我們提供候選人通過網站申報職位,目前有超過90%的候選人在網上申報。 

King County produces all voting materials in English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Spanish. The county also employs a full-time translation staff to assist voters.金郡出版的所有選舉資訊均有英文、中文、韓文西班牙文越南文版本。本郡還僱用全職翻譯工作人員以協助選民。 

Vision 願景 

To be the leader in providing inclusive elections. 成為提供包容性選舉的先鋒

Mission 使命聲明 

We conduct accessible, secure and accurate elections. 我們實施方便、安全和準確的選舉。 

Priorities 2021優先事項 

Voter Engagement 選民參與工作 

Continue to test and implement a customized approach to engaging voters and support citizens in exercising their democratic rights.  繼續進行試驗和實施定制方法,讓選民參與及支持市民行使其民主權利。

Risk Strategy & Accountability 風險管理策略及問責制 

Follow-up on audit recommendations, including pro-actively assessing and managing risk.  對審計建議採取跟進行動,包括積極評估和管理風險。

Culture of Teamwork 合作文化 

Define and build a respectful work environment based on professionalism and collaboration.  以專業水準和合作成果為基礎來規定和培養一個互相尊重的工作環境。


We bring honesty and integrity to everything we do. We are unshakable in our ethics and do the right thing no matter what.我們本著誠實和誠信做每一件事。無論如何,我們在道德上堅定不移,並做正確的事情。

We believe that democracy works best when all voices are heard. We proactively work to remove barriers to ensure all voters can meaningfully participate in our elections.我們相信民主最有效是當所有的聲音都被聽到。我們積極地努力消除障礙,以確保所有選民都能有意義地參與我們的選舉。

We rigorously check and re-check every step of the process – as many times as necessary. We are unwavering in our commitment to no voter left behind.我們嚴格地檢查並重新檢查程序的每一步 — 根據需要作多次檢查。我們堅定不移地致力於不讓任何選民遭遺漏。

We recognize that our responsibility to the public and to each other goes beyond simply administering elections. We readily go above and beyond to solve problems, share our knowledge and experiences, and bring the mission and vision of King County Elections to life. 

We are better together. We step up for other teams and teammates without hesitation.我們一起合作會更好。我們毫不猶豫地為其它團隊和隊友挺身而出。

We believe in radical transparency. We intentionally share our wins and own our mistakes - even when it’s not easy. Our elections are observable and understandable to our voters.我們相信徹底的透明度。即使不容易,我們有意分享成功以及承認錯誤。我們的選舉對我們的選民來説是可觀察和理解的。