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The Child Care Health Program (CCHP) supports child care and early learning programs by promoting health and safety practices with its team of nurse, mental health, nutrition, and education consultants. The CCHP offers providers tools and resources including model health policy templates, communicable disease prevention information, nutrition and healthy eating guidelines, WAC-compliant health forms and care plans, and other materials to promote healthy child development and behaviors. To ensure information is accessible to as many of the child care communities in King County as possible, the CCHP has materials and resources in multiple languages and formats, including videos and audios.

Air Quality, Outdoor Safety, and Weather

Air quality, outdoor safety, and weather

  • Air quality guide
  • Soil and sun safety
  • Weather guidelines

Model health policies

Model policies

  • Health policies
  • Animal policies
  • Topic-specific health policies

Disease prevention resources

Disease prevention

  • Communicable disease letters
  • COVID-19 resources
  • Disease reporting

Health and safety

Health forms and care plans

  • Medication forms
  • Care plans (i.e. asthma, allergies, and seizures)
  • Illness/injury logs

Nutrition and food safety`

Nutrition and food safety

  • Healthy mealtimes
  • Menu planning tools
  • Food Workers Manual

Child behavior and development

Behavioral health

  • Child Care Behavioral Guidance & Handbook
  • Supporting social-emotional development
  • Developmental screening

Emergency preparedness

Emergency preparedness and First Aid resources

  • First Aid resources
  • Emergency preparedness forms
  • Grab and Go bags

Cleaning and bleach

Cleaning and bleach

  • Labels for bleach bottles
  • Diaper changing
  • Method for mixing bleach



  • Toothbrushing resources
  • Toothbrushing procedures
  • Toothpaste forms

Education and training materials for child care facilities


  • Stars-approved online courses
  • Food worker card training
  • DCYF trainings

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