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How to obtain a For-Hire License

Step by Step Guide for New and Existing Drivers

I am a first-time applicant:

Step 1: Complete the following items before applying in-person: *Make sure to print email confirmation/certificate of completion, and bring with you when applying in-person.

I am renewing my license:

Step 1: Go to Step 2
  • Drivers who are renewing their for-hire license do not need to retake the training, testing, or DDC. In addition, fingerprinting is not required as long as for-hire license is valid.

Step 2: Bring the following "required documents" when applying in person:

Note: After paying for your application fee in-person, you will be provided with a request form to take to the King County Sheriff's office for fingerprinting. The Sheriff's office is open and available to process Monday to Friday from 8:30am--2:30pm, and from 9:30am--2:30pm on the last Wednesday of the month.

Step 3: Done!
  • Your for-hire license will be sent to the mailing address provided.

Information on how to obtain a For-Hire Driver Permit (TNC)

Step by Step Guide for New and Existing Drivers

Step 1: Apply with a TNC

In order to obtain a for-hire permit, the driver must first be contracted with a TNC. 

Step 2: Vehicle Inspection

The driver will need to obtain a vehicle safety inspection performed by a city-approved mechanic

Step 3: Pick-up your For-Hire Permit

The TNC will send the for-hire permit application on behalf of the driver to King County's Records and Licensing Services Division. Once the application has been verified and approved, the TNC will contact the driver to confirm pick-up time and place for the for-hire driver permit and vehicle endorsement decal(s).  

Step 4: DDC Training

The Defensive Driving Course (DDC Online, 4 hour, available in English/Spanish) is a 4-hour online course provided by the National Safety Council. Please check with your TNC as some may require completion as part of their on-boarding process, while others may be able to provide an already purchased key access code. 

Step 5: Renewing your For-Hire Permit?

Make sure to update your information with your TNC and provide them with an updated vehicle inspection (Step 1 - Step 3). The DDC (Step 4) applies to first-time applicants only

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