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Taxi, For-Hire and Transportation Network Companies (TNCs)

Taxi, For-Hire and Transportation Network Companies (TNCs)

Join the Line with QLess

Spend less time in line by joining the virtual queue with QLess. Here's how:

  1. Join the line or make an appointment with this link or by texting the phrase Join the CSC Line to 206-539-0413. You can also use the QLess smartphone app available on most app stores.
  2. Wait where you want - we'll send you texts about your place in line and when it's time to start heading toward our counter at the King County Customer Service Center.
  3. When it's your turn, we'll text you to let you know exactly where to go. If you're already at the Customer Service Center, you can watch the screens in the lobbies for your name and which counter to visit.
You can also join the queue by visiting the Customer Service Center in person and using the QLess Kiosks in the South or East Lobbies.

To request an in-person ADA accommodation, please click here.

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All for-hire drivers, vehicles, and the companies they drive for must be approved by King County and follow King County for-hire transportation regulations and rules. In addition to the overview of for-hire transportation below, you can review our detailed list of licensed/registered providers.

Transportation network companies (TNC)


TNCs are app-based ride services with fares set by the TNC. They connect riders with drivers, and accept only electronic payment, through a smartphone app. Currently licensed providers:

Hop, Skip, Drive



Taxicabs are painted one solid color and can be hailed from the street or dispatched from a phone call. Fares are calculated based on time and distance, measured by a taximeter. Currently licensed providers:

A1 Seattle
Green Cab
One Taxi
Yellow Cab

Flat-rate for-hire vehicles


Unlike taxis, for-hire vehicles charge a fixed fare per trip (based on pick up and drop off zip-codes in a published rate book) and are painted at least two colors. Currently licensed providers:

Apple For-Hire
Blue For-Hire
Green For-Hire
One For-Hire
United For-Hire

Limousines, town cars, executive vehicles, luxury vehicles, and classic cars are not regulated by King County. Visit Washington State Department of Licensing external link to learn more about these services.


TTY Relay 711

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Monday thru Friday