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Taxi, for-hire, and transportation network companies (TNCs)

Taxi, for-hire, and transportation network companies (TNCs)

Each taxi association, for-hire company, and transportation network company (TNC) must have an organization license and must renew it annually. Review our list of currently licensed companies and associations.

Whether you're a new company in the area, starting a new line of business, or just want to maintain our partnership, we want to help. Review our FAQs, call or email us, and TNCs can review this introduction .

TNC overview

"Transportation network company" is defined in King County regulations as a company that provides application dispatch services via an application dispatch system to connect drivers with passengers for the transportation of passengers for fares. King County passed an ordinance in 2014 regulating (TNCs).

TNCs must pay a $0.23 per-trip fee (for all trips originating outside the City of Seattle) and $0.08 per-trip fee (for all trips originating in the City of Seattle). These fees are collected by the TNC and submitted quarterly. This fee will cover the costs of enforcement and regulation of TNC licensing, vehicle endorsements and driver permitting. In addition, the TNCs must pay $0.10 per-trip for the Wheelchair Accessible Services Fund.

Summary of TNC responsibilities


TTY Relay 711

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Monday thru Friday