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List of licensed/registered companies

List of licensed/registered companies

Each taxi, for-hire, and transportation network company must renew their license/registration annually.

Company or Association Name Type Contact Details
A1 Seattle Taxi Taxi 206-466-9500
Apple For-Hire Flat-rate 206-779-0029
Blue For-Hire Flat-rate
Farwest Taxi 206-292-0569
Green Cab Taxi & Disabled Service Taxi 206-575-4040
Green For-Hire & Wheelchair Service Flat-rate 206-575-4040
HopSkipDrive TNC 844-467-7547
Lyft TNC 415-475-8459
One For Hire Flat-rate 206-432-9393
One Taxi Taxi 206-432-9393
Orange Taxi 206-522-8800
Uber TNC 650-515-6166
United For-Hire Flat-rate 206-284-6500
Yellow Cab Taxi 206-622-6500

Last updated 05/29/2024


TTY Relay 711

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Monday thru Friday