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Application fees

Application fees

First-time and renewing applicants

King County processes applications and collects for-hire driver license fees for King County and on behalf of the City of Seattle.

FOR-HIRE PERMIT (TNC + Taxi & For-Hire drivers)

There are no application fees associated with obtaining a for-hire permit. The Licensing and Regulation fee is paid through a “per-trip fee” of $0.23 (County) or $0.08 (City of Seattle) collected by the TNC. The TNC also pays a $0.10 per-trip fee for the Wheelchair Accessible Services Fund.

FOR-HIRE LICENSE (Taxi & For-Hire drivers)



Photo ID


Background Check: first-time applicants require fingerprinting, which costs more than renewals

$34.25 for new applicants

$24 for renewals

Driver Abstract


City fee: if you are eligible and would like to pick up passengers in Seattle*



$90 - $100.25

*If you will only pick up passengers in King County outside of Seattle, your total will be $65 - $75.25


License/permit replacement


License late fee


National Safety Council’s DDC Online Exam: the fee is discounted if you add it to your license application

$9 if added to application

$41.25 direct with DDC

City of Seattle Business License


*Note: If using a credit card, there is a convenience fee that is charged by our banking service provider as well as the credit card interchanges that facilitate the transaction. No part of the convenience fee goes to King County.


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