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Many King County facilities are closed to the public. Learn how to access services remotely or while following social distancing guidelines.  
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The King County Records Center is the county's designated storage facility for inactive paper records. Use of the Records Center is governed by Executive Policies INF 15-2-1 (AEP) and INF-15-4-1-EP. Inactive boxes of records are required to be entered and managed in Content Manager.

These instructions are for King County employees to send or retrieve boxes that are still within their legal retention period and are in the legal custody of their agency.

If you want to transfer a box with historical value to the King County Archives that has past its retention period, please complete an Archival Records Transfer Agreement.

If you want to send a box for direct destruction, please complete a Records Center Destruction Form.


Records Disposition Review Fund

Records and Licensing Services Division (RALS) was authorized in the 2015/2016 budget process, to charge agencies for boxes stored in the Records Center that are past their disposition date and have fulfilled legal retention requirements. Agencies may request reimbursement from the fund for direct labor expenditures associated with addressing issues that hinder disposition, up to the amount they have contributed. Agency Disposition Authorities are responsible for verifying disposition eligibility and approving dispositions. Records are considered disposition eligible and subject to the box fee if they are past retention, not subject to an approved legal or administrative hold, and have not been approved for disposition within forty-five (45) days after receipt of the disposition authorization notice. Records meeting one of the following criteria may have box fee charges waved:


  • Conditional/cutoff has not been met
  • Valid hold for litigation or public disclosure
  • Records required for ongoing investigation or audit
  • Inaccurate box information including schedule/category and cutoff date

Temporary Service Changes

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the King County Records Center is operating under a reduced schedule until further notice. During this period the Records Center will not accept new box storage requests or records direct destructions (Box Destruction Forms). We are also asking customers to only submit “business critical” records retrieval requests. Records Center staff will only be available to fulfill record requests twice per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, until this emergency has passed.

1. Plan before you pack

Include only one record series per box (no mixed series) and make sure the records are eligible for Records Center storage. You may need to review your retention schedule.

Storage eligibility requirements:
  • records are primary copies
  • records have met their cutoff date (i.e. Date Closed) and are no longer needed for agency business and are deemed inactive by the agency
  • records have at least one calendar year left of their retention period

2. Box your records appropriately

  • Use box #FEL-12772 available from Keeney's. This is the only box that the Records Center will accept. Do not send records in other boxes.

  • Do not under-fill a box. It must be full with no more than 2 inches of free space to be accepted by the Records Center.

  • Do not over-fill a box. All folders should fit inside comfortably.

  • Do not include 3-ring binders, hanging file folders or large metal fasteners (binder clips)

3. Label your boxes

You must use box labels purchased online from the King County Print Shop . Project is called "Records Center Box Labels", they come in packages of 100.

  • Enter the following information on each box label and affix it to the front of the box.

    Department and Division - the agency that owns the box, example: DES-RALS-(ARMMS)
    Description of Records - explanation or description of records in the box; which should usually be the same as the "Box Title" in Content Manager
    Inclusive Dates - the date range of records within the individual box
    Box Number - the Content Manager box number; an auto-generated 6-digit number with a "B" in front of it (you will have to go back to complete this after you have completed step 4).

Do not write any confidential information on the label.

Firmly affix the label to the front of the box (the short end of the box). 

4. Enter your boxes in Content Manager

This process is explained in the Physical Records training course and also on the How to create a box job aid. 

After boxes have been entered, write the box numbers on the labels (see step 3).

5. Request box pick up in Content Manager

This process is explained in the Physical Records training course and also on the How to send a box job aid. 


1. Locate the box in Content Manager

This process is explained in the Searching training course and also on the searching job aids. 

Remember! Boxes in Content Manager now have a "B" in front of their number. So if you are trying to find box number 919616, the number is now B919616 in Content Manager.

Below is how you would search for a box by the number:

2. Request the box in Content Manager

This process is explained in the Physical Records training course and also on the How to request a box job aid. 

3. Return the box in Content Manager

This process is explained in the Physical Records training course and also on the How to request a box job aid. 

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