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Captain Williams has a 30 year career of policing in the King County regional community. He came to Metro in 2014 and quickly fell in love with policing the transit environment. He considers working at King County Metro as the best job he has ever had and considers it an honor to work closely with so many dedicated transit professionals.

Investigation Section

I am proud to introduce you to the Metro Transit Police Investigations Section. The Investigations Section is responsible for follow-up and response to major incidents on the King County Metro system. We respond to matters ranging from major property crime to crimes of violence. Our most important investigations involve operator/bus driver assault and reducing sexual misconduct on the transit system. We are also keenly focused on impacting human trafficking especially the exploitation of minors. If you become aware of criminal conduct, a potential terroristic act, or suspect human trafficking, please call 9-1-1.

Our investigations unit is comprised of:

  • Bicycle Emphasis and Enforcement teams
    • These teams focus on high crime areas and areas where data demonstrates a safety and security risk to the transit environment.

  • Street Crimes Unit
    • This unit identifies hot spots in the transit environment and problem solves to reduce crime in these areas.
    • The Street Crimes Unit also targets investigations concerning the trafficking of human beings, particularly children.

  • Criminal Investigations Unit
    • The Criminal Investigations Unit completes felony investigations into operator assaults, passenger assaults, sexual assault, and other felonies involving crimes against persons.
    • The Criminal Investigations Unit also implements and administers the Operator Assault Reduction Program as well as the Sexual Assault Reduction Program through training.
    • Criminal Investigations also completes investigations concerning hate crimes, felony property crimes, and other matters the directly impact the transit community.

  • Joint Anti-terror Transit Team
    • The Joint Anti-terror Transit Team (JTATT) is comprised of detectives from both Sound Transit and King County Metro Transit.
    • JTATT is responsible to respond to emerging terror threats, both domestic, regional and international through a collaborative effort with the Washington State Fusion Center and the Joint Terror Task Force.
    • Through several federal grants the JTATT provides emphasis and security to transit assets and work to secure vulnerable areas of the transit system.