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King County Metro Transit contracts with the King County Sheriff's Office to provide police services for the transit system. The Metro Transit Police consists of uniformed patrol deputies, Street Crimes Unit detectives, Criminal Investigations Unit detectives, Joint Transit Anti-terrorism Team and a Bicycle Enforcement Team. Our priority is to proactively work bus zones, bus shelters, problem coach routes & coaches, park & ride lots, and other transit properties.

Patrol teams focus on the protection of Metro customers, employees, and properties.

Goal, objective & strategies


Keep our system safe and make it safer.


Keep people safe and secure, while using the Metro Transit System.


  1. Promote safety and security in transit operations and facilities.
  2. Reduce crime and the fear of crime to increase a sense of security for Metro employees and riders.
  3. Encourage riders to observe laws, ordinances and King County Metro Transit policies.
  4. Increase the safety and security of Metro Transit employees and customers through information, awareness initiatives and security issues.
  5. Plan for and support regional emergency response and homeland security efforts.
  6. Encourage local law enforcement agencies in the region to consistently enforce mass transit related laws and ordinances on Metro Transit coaches and facilities.
  7. Provide, within existing resources, timely and professional police responses to in-progress crimes and security incidents.
  8. Provide documentation for referral to the prosecutor’s Office.
  9. Enhance intermodal transportation security.

About patrol units

The MTP patrol section consists of three patrol shifts, to allow for maximum deployment of resources. Patrol shifts are staffed to provide increased response capabilities during peak commuter hours and hours with statistically high call volume. Shifts are supervised by a sergeant.