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2017 – News about Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer

View 2017 press releases from Councilmember von Reichbauer.

December 18, 2018
2019 Youth and Amateur Grants Cycle Opens in January
Youth and Amateur Sports Grants are designed to support fit and healthy communities through investing in program and capital improvements that reduce barriers to physical activity.

December 17, 2018
King County WaterWorks Grant Program Opens
“These grants encourage the protection of some of our greatest natural treasures including the Puget Sound, our rivers and creeks and our many local wetlands.”  

December 17, 2018
Washington State Speaker of the House Joins Local Leaders to Discuss the Upcoming Legislative Session

December 10, 2018
King County Council Recognizes Dick’s Drive-In for Community Involvement and Civic Engagement

November 14, 2018
King County Budget Appropriates $3 million to Provide Resources for Low-Income Families
“For 25 years, FUSION has worked with local South King County neighbors as they have provided transitional housing and services to struggling families in our area. With the cooperation of our local neighbors, FUSION has successfully incorporated these families into condos and homes in our area.” 

November 13, 2018
Gang Unit and Massive Investments in Housing, Homeless Services, and Transportation Headline Budget
“I am pleased to join my colleagues in supporting this budget. By increasing funding for the Sheriff’s gang unit, along with adding more shelter space and providing reduced transit fares for our most vulnerable as well as increased oversight, we have listened to our constituents and responded with a budget that answers their concerns.”

November 8, 2018
Congressman Adam Smith Joins Local Leaders to Discuss Results of the 2018 Midterm Election
Smith discussed the results of the 2018 midterm election and what they mean for South King County.  

October 15, 2018
von Reichbauer Statement on Passing of Paul Allen
“Every family that comes together to watch the Seahawks play, whether in Seattle or in London, in their living rooms or at Century Link, should forever be thankful to Paul Allen and the Allen family. When there was not a lot to celebrate on the front page, the Seahawks gave us a lot to celebrate on the sports pages. 

October 4, 2018
Former Federal Way Mayor Appointed to 4Culture Board
“Jeanne Burbidge brings strong qualifications to 4Culture. As a longtime resident of Federal Way and a member of the Federal Way Performing Arts Foundation Board, Jeanne provides a much-needed perspective from the south sound region.”  

October 1, 2018
Celebrating talent in all forms
“Those with physical, developmental or other disabilities contribute to and enrich our schools, communities and workplaces. In proclaiming October Disability Awareness month, we recognize these individuals and their impact on us all.”  

September 25, 2018
King County Announces New Grant Opportunities for Unincorporated Area Projects
“These volunteer-driven projects help strengthen our communities as neighbors engage with other neighbors.”

September 20, 2018
Annual Federal Way and Auburn Boys and Girls Club Breakfast Raises a Record Breaking $71,470
The “Breakfast for Kids” is the annual fund-raiser for the Federal Way and Auburn branch of the King County Boys and Girls Club 

September 20, 2018
Puget Sound Regional Developer Joins Local Leaders to Discuss Business Opportunities and Challenges Ahead for South King County
Wallace Properties CEO Bob Wallace spoke to Auburn and Federal Way city leaders at the September “Good Eggs” breakfast.

September 10, 2018
Lasting tribute for first King County Executive
“From his stewardship in the building of the Kingdome to modernizing our county government, John left a large footprint in King County, and we will forever be following in his footsteps.”  

September 5, 2018
Statement from Councilmember von Reichbauer
“The Seattle Mariners have been good partners with King County, bringing more than 45 million people to Safeco Field over the last 19 years. This partnership has generated millions of tax dollars, created thousands of jobs, and provided countless benefits to non-profit sports programs throughout our region.”

September 4, 2018
Charles Murrell Appointed to King County Veterans Citizens Oversight Board
“Chuck Murrell brings strong civic qualifications to the VCOB. He has shown a longtime passion and dedication to improving the lives of other veterans. Chuck’s background and expertise will be a valuable asset to the Board.”

August 17, 2018
von Reichbauer announces $100,000 in grants to Federal Way National Little League, King County Aquatic Center
“I am proud that two local youth-oriented organizations have been awarded this funding.” 

August 15, 2018
Northwest Seaport Alliance CEO touts 40 percent of jobs in Washington state tied to trade
Wolfe provided an overview of the recent alliance between the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma, emphasizing the shared culture and history of their working waterfronts that helped bring the two together.  

July 30, 2018
Former Federal Way Mayor Appointed to 4Culture Board
“As a longtime resident of Federal Way and a member of the Federal Way Performing Arts Foundation Board, Jeanne provides a much-needed perspective from the south sound region.”

July 24, 2018
Local Resident Nominated by Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer Reappointed to Convention Center Public Facilities District
“At a time when the downtown Seattle area is facing tremendous growth and change, Deryl has been a great asset in keeping the Washington State Convention Center (WSCC) a strong part of our economic engine. I appreciate her vision and commitment to maintaining the reputation of the WSCC as a top-tier location for groups to meet.” 

July 23, 2018
“Retiring” county employees prepare for new adventures
“These ‘retired’ vans provide a critical lifeline for low-income, elderly, disabled and young people, by facilitating their ability to be productive and engaged members of their communities.” 

July 18, 2018
South King County Residents Needed to Fill County Boards and Commissions
“It’s important our residents in South King County feel involved in the process of government. By serving on a committee or board, our residents get to provide much needed input that benefits our community as a whole.” 

July 16, 2018
Investments benefitting homeless vets and seniors highlight adopted Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy plan
“The passage of this implementation plan is a giant step forward for King County to address our region’s homelessness crisis. The need for these funds and services has never been greater for our local communities.”

July 3, 2018
King County Transit Advisory Commission Seeks Members from District 7
The King County Transit Advisory Commission is seeking two new members from South King County who are interested in serving on the commission.

June 20, 2018
BECU CEO meets with South King County community leaders
Porter discussed the history of BECU (founded as the Boeing Employee’s Credit Union), which today is the 2nd largest depository in Washington State, highlighting the company’s culture and commitment to both its members and the community.  

May 29, 2018
Deborah Peterson Appointed to Children and Youth Advisory Board
“Through her 20 years of early learning professional experience and 19 years of being a parent, Deborah’s experience helping parents, child care providers and caregivers navigate an often complicated environment has prepared her well to serve on this Board. Her background and expertise will be a valuable asset to the Board and all of King County.” 

May 2, 2018
King County Criminal Justice Leaders Discuss “Invisible Issue” of Gun Violence in our Communities
The Prosecuting Attorney and Sheriff discussed steps they’re taking to together to identify pockets of violence in King County and prevent the spread of violence, specifically among those under the age of 25.

May 2, 2018
Learn More about Art Funding Opportunities in King County
The event is part of 4Culture’s outreach program that was launched last year to hold office hours in towns throughout King County. 

April 30, 2018
Federal Way community leader Mike Park receives MLK Medal of Distinguished Service
“In his 30 years of dedication to the city of Federal Way, both as a city councilmember and mayor, and to the Korean-American community of South King County, Mike has devoted himself to bringing people together for the greater good of his community.”

April 23, 2018
Water District gets new name
“It’s always important for a community to feel connected to its government. This ordinance allows the water district to continue providing critical services while further enhancing its connection to the people it serves.”  

April 19, 2018
Flood and Emergency Preparedness Experts Headline von Reichbauer Town Hall
The panelists spoke about their expectations for this spring’s weather as the region’s snowpack begins melting, and engaged in a discussion with audience members about different ways homes and businesses can be prepared when natural disaster strikes.

April 18, 2018
South King County legislators provide analysis of 2018 Legislative Session
The group discussed the importance of government reform as a means to restore the public’s faith in government, the need to address unfunded mandates to help local governments, and emphasized investment in K-12, job training, and higher education to attract employers and retain jobs in our communities.

March 27, 2018
Position Open on King County Conservation Futures Citizens Committee
“CFT funds have helped to protect and preserve many of the environmental jewels in King County since the early 1970s. By serving on this Committee, our citizens have the opportunity to continue this work and to help King County maintain its position as a leader in environmental preservation.” 

March 19, 2018
Rosella Mosby appointed to the King County Agriculture Commission
“Expanding on the family passion for providing locally sourced produce to the Puget Sound Region and beyond, Rosella has run a successful Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, a farm stand and community outreach to local chefs. Her background and expertise will be a valuable asset to this Commission and all of King County.”

March 19, 2018
Leanne Guier appointed to the King County Flood Control District Advisory Committee
“I have worked closely with Leanne on flooding issues that affect our region, especially those in south King County. She has a good sense of what needs to get done and how to do it, and her experience will be an asset to the Committee.” 

March 7, 2018
Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff joins local leaders to discuss South King County projects
Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff joined South King County civic and business leaders to discuss the implementation of the $54 billion ST3 plan and the current status of projects in the south sound region at King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer’s March “Good Eggs” breakfast.

March 1, 2018
New Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) Parking Permit Program: Let Metro Know What You Think
“The public’s feedback is essential in helping to develop user-friendly programs and I hope that transit riders in South King County will make their voices heard regarding this proposal.”

February 21, 2018
Lands Commissioner Franz tells local leaders’ state spent $60 million in 2017 fighting forest fires
Franz spoke about her vision for the Department of Natural Resources and their work around emergency preparedness, forest fire prevention, land management and more.

February 20, 2018
James Schunke Appointed to WaterWorks Grant Ranking Committee
“James has worked in the public sector for the past 28 years and has a good understanding of how government can and should work for its citizens. His background and expertise will be a valuable asset to this Committee.”

February 7, 2018
District 7 Organizations Receive Funding through 2018 Community Service Grant Awards
“I am pleased to see neighbors in South King County come together to enhance their neighborhoods through a variety of creative activities.” 

February 5, 2018
Auburn Area Organizations to Receive $327,000 in Grants for Youth and Amateur Sports Programs
“I am pleased that the Auburn area received funding for some very worthwhile projects and programs. Keeping our youth engaged and physically active helps build stronger neighborhoods and promotes community health.”

January 30, 2018
South King County civic and community leaders assemble for annual leadership reception

January 22, 2018
King County Council recognizes special relationship with Republic of Korea; supports 2018 Winter Olympics
Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer hosted a reception for new Korean Consul General, Hyung-jong Lee, who received the recognition on his nation’s behalf.

January 16, 2018
von Reichbauer statement on the passing of Gov. John Spellman
“While many today only know of the Kingdome from pictures, the Kingdome was the launching pad for both Safeco Field and CenturyLink. Without the determination of John Spellman, the Kingdome would never have existed.”