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Current Inquests

Current inquests are listed in the navigation on the right side of this page. "Current Inquests" are those that have been officially ordered by the County Executive. In these cases, attorneys, staff, and others are preparing for an Inquest Hearing. There are additional deaths involving a member of law enforcement or corrections in the course of their duties that have not yet had an inquest ordered. These may or may not be listed on the Reported Deaths page. Reported deaths will be added to the Current Inquests list after the Executive orders an inquest.

Proceedings are held virtually on Zoom or in a hybrid environment. Please read these Virtual Courtroom Rules before clicking a Zoom link.

Virtual Courtroom Rules

If you attend any inquest proceeding virtually by clicking a Zoom link, you are acknowledging that you understand:

  • The proceeding is live and is being recorded.
  • You will not be allowed to chat, post images, or in any way disrupt the proceedings.
  • You are prohibited from video and audio recording, photographing, taking screenshots, or creating any reproduction of any portion of the virtual proceeding unless you have express permission from the Inquest Administrator. This prohibition applies to anyone attending the proceeding virtually, including members of the public, media and reporters, and participants in the proceeding.