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Document library

Inquest-related documents will be posted in the document library as soon as practical. Some documents, such as exhibits or completed interrogatories, will not be posted until after the conclusion of an inquest. These documents are available for viewing and/or downloading by the media and the public.

There are two ways to access inquest documents:

  1. View using our Open Data provider Socrata
  2. Download from Microsoft Azure cloud storage following the steps below

How to access Microsoft Azure cloud storage

Download and install Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer.

Run Azure Storage Explorer and select/click "Blob container" at the "Select Resource" screen.

Microsoft Azure access step 2

Choose "Anonymously (my blob container allows public access)" and click Next.

Microsoft Azure access step 3

Enter a display name of your choice (e.g., "Jane Doe"), then copy and paste the entire following link in the Blob container URL space:

then click Next.

Microsoft Azure access step 4

View the connection information and click Connect.

Microsoft Azure access step 5

The Inquest folder will be added as an attached Blob Container and display Inquest folders.

Microsoft Azure access step 6

Double-click the specific Inquest folder you'd like to browse. Actions for downloading or copying are along the top of the window.

Microsoft Azure access step 7