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Subscribe to election news and updates

Subscribe to election news and updates

King County Elections offers free email and text message subscriptions as part of the King County subscription service.

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  1. Provide your email address or mobile number on the subscription page. Or you can sign in using Facebook, Google or Yahoo (scroll to page bottom).
  2. On the next page, confirm your email address or phone number.
  3. On the next page, subscribe to an item by checking the box next to its name.

To manage your King County subscription preferences, enter your email, mobile number, or social media information on the subscription page.

Your contact information will only be used to register you for the digital subscriptions you select. For more details, please read our online Privacy Policy.

  • Candidate notifications
    Alerts for candidates, campaign managers and others interested in running for office. Includes notices about campaign filing deadlines, etc.
  • The Election Connection
    A periodic roundup of blog posts about upcoming elections and other news about voting.
  • Press releases
    Alerts when press releases are issued.
  • Voter notifications
    Alerts for voters when ballots are mailed, options for returning ballots, voting tips, etc.

TTY: Relay 711

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