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Communicable diseases, epidemiology and immunization

Communicable diseases, epidemiology and immunization

Foodborne illness outbreaks

Foodborne illness outbreaks

  • Updates on latest foodborne illness outbreaks
  • At-a-glance list of number of cases and hospitalizations
  • Learn about Public Health's investigative role

Communicable disease guidelines and resources for health care professionals

For health care providers

  • Disease reporting requirements
  • Health advisories
  • Vaccines for Children program
  • Infection control guidelines and more...

Immunizations program


  • Where to get a flu shot
  • Immunization schedules for children and adults
  • Flu season resources

Zoonotic Disease program

Zoonotic diseases

  • Pet and animal-related business permits
  • Animals-to-human disease facts
  • Resources for veterinarians and more...

Tuberculosis (TB) Control

Tuberculosis (TB)

  • Where to get a TB test for school or work
  • Reporting requirements for health providers
  • Annual TB reports and data summary

HIV and STD resources for patients

HIV/STI/HCV resources

  • Where to get tested
  • Drug use and harm reduction tips and guidelines
  • PrEP and PEP
  • Resources for medical providers and more...

Communicable disease data and information

Data and facts

  • Facts from AIDS to Zoonotic diseases
  • Annual disease case summaries
  • Advisories about emerging cases of disease

Monthly reportable cases of disease

Monthly cases of disease

  • Monthly case numbers of selected communicable diseases
  • Archive of past quarterly newsletters
  • Get email updates when latest cases have been posted

Public Health Laboratory

Public Health Laboratory

  • Services for health care providers
  • Guidelines on storage and transportation of specimens
  • Microbiology services and more...

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