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Registered land (Torrens)

Registered land (Torrens)

Torrens system ended July 1, 2023

On July 3, 2023, King County issued a Certificate of Withdrawal for all land in King County listed in the Torrens system.  The recording number is 20230703000026 and can be found on the King County Recorder’s website under "Search for Recorded Documents."

Did you own property previously registered in the Torrens system? 

Owners with property previously registered in the Torrens system can get a copy of original records and the Certificate of Withdrawal upon request. This certificate removes any property listed in King County from registration.  The property will be treated as any other non-registered property without the restraints and restrictions it previously had when the property was in registration. 

State law prevents any land being entered into registration after July 1, 2023 since there is no longer a Torrens (Registered Land) system to enter into records.   

Volumes 1-97 of the original records are held at the King County Archives at: 

King County Archives 
1215 E. Fir St. 
Seattle, WA  98104 

Volumes 98-104 are digitally stored with the Recorder’s Office at: 

King County Recorder’s Office 
201 S. Jackson St., Ste 204 
Seattle, WA  98104 

Background: Registered Land (Torrens) 

Registered Land is a system that managed approximately 3,500 parcels of land in King County under the Torrens Title Act. The Torrens system maintained ownership records of a specific parcel of land much like a title company. All documents relating to a parcel of land under the Torrens system were maintained in a special index that provides chain of title. 

A state law passed in 2022 eliminated the Torrens system, removed all land registered in the system, and removed restrictions previously placed on land that was under registration. The withdrawal went into effect on July 1, 2023. 

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