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Lake Sammamish Kokanee Work Group

Lake Sammamish Kokanee Work Group


The Kokanee Work Group is an ad hoc collaborative group formed in 2007 to identify the causes for the decline of native kokanee in Lake Sammamish and the key actions to turn around that decline, and then foster implementation of those actions.

The goals of the KWG encompass returning the kokanee population to robust health and ultimately re-establishing a fishery for kokanee on the lake.  The KWG membership includes watershed residents, each of the five local jurisdictions in the Lake Sammamish watershed, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Washington State Parks, the Snoqualmie Tribe, Trout Unlimited, Friends of Issaquah Salmon Hatchery, Save Lake Sammamish, Friends of Pine Lake, and additional stakeholders.

Products of the Kokanee Work Group

These are products of the Kokanee Workgroup, a group whose goal is to prevent the extinction and improve the health of the native Lake Sammamish kokanee population such that it is viable and self-sustaining, and then supports fishery opportunities.

Artificial Light Pollution Impacts Lake Sammamish Salmon
Kokanee, Chinook and other native salmon are facing many challenges in Lake Sammamish. Reducing nighttime residential lights near Lake Sammamish can help salmon survive. Learn more about the top 5 actions you can do to reduce artificial light impacts on salmon.

Lake Sammamish Urban Wildlife Refuge Partnership
Partnership and plan to build an interpretive network in Sammamish Basin to support the conservation of fish and wildlife and contribute to the quality of life in the basin for present and future generations.

Blueprint for the Restoration and Enhancement of Lake Sammamish Kokanee Tributaries
Restoration actions that build on the latest science and current efforts to move the Lake Sammamish kokanee salmon population closer to recovery.

Goals and Priorities for the Lake Sammamish Kokanee Conservation Strategy
Discussion Draft for the Lake Sammamish Kokanee Work Group

Lake Sammamish Kokanee brochure
Introducing to what are kokanee salmon, what is the problem with Lake Sammamish populations, a brief list of what kokanee need to survive and what local residents can do to help.

For questions about Lake Sammamish kokanee, please contact Alison Agness, Kokanee Recovery Manager, WLRD Regional Partnerships Unit.