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Lake Sammamish kokanee videos

Lake Sammamish kokanee videos

Underwater fish video: kokanee returning to spawn in Laughing Jacobs Creek, Sammamish
Underwater footage from the 2018 run of Lake Sammamish kokanee
Emergency action to prevent the possible extinction of native kokanee salmon

Spring 2015 Video: 6th Annual Lake Sammamish kokanee fry release
Classes from Pine Lake Middle School and Blackwell Elementary in Sammamish and from Campbell Hill Elementary from Renton helped release kokanee salmon fry into Laughing Jacobs Creek.  King County Executive Dow Constantine and a student leader from Pine Lake Middle School speak in this video.

Spring 2014 Videos: 5th Annual Lake Sammamish kokanee fry release and ceremony
Earth Day celebration with Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell, King County Executive Dow Constantine, partners from the Lake Sammamish Kokanee Work Group, fifth-grade classes from Campbell Hill Elementary School in Renton and juvenile kokanee released into Ebright Creek.

Fall 2012 Sammamish kokanee returns video
Later season video describing excellent kokanee return to Ebright Creek after a local resident improved fish passage and the first spawners returned from a supplementation program to restore the native Lake Sammamish kokanee population.

Fall 2012 Sammamish kokanee restoration video
In this video, kokanee return to a stream reach on Ebright Creek that used to be blocked by a culvert, now open for passage after the construction of a fish-friendly box culvert.

Spring 2012 Sammamish kokanee release video
In this video, kokanee fry are released into Laughing Jacobs Creek to supplement the kokanee population inhabiting Lake Sammamish.

Fall 2011 Sammamish kokanee return video
In this video, kokanee salmon return to Laughing Jacobs Creek in large numbers.

Spring 2011 Kokanee Supplemental Rearing Project video (External link, US Fish & Wildlife Service)

2010 Sammamish kokanee and community video
In this video, community members and agency staff offer their views on the collaborative effort needed to rebuild our native Lake Sammamish kokanee population.

For information about Lake Sammamish kokanee, please contact Alison Agness, Kokanee Recovery Manager, WLRD Regional Partnerships Unit.