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These project ideas are intended to spur creative thinking about problem-solving and environment-enhancing ideas that WaterWorks could fund.

This list is not all-inclusive; other projects that demonstrate a strong benefit to water quality and meet eligibility could also be funded.

Initiate a community effort to adopt a stream, wetland, park, or other area important for clean water.
Recruit homeowners to replace portions of their lawn
Set up and market a micro-grant program to help low-income property owners install rain gardens, cisterns, and trees.
Conduct biological monitoring of streams using citizen volunteers.
Plan and implement community stream and river cleanups.   
Create educational efforts that teach about clean water and wastewater treatment.
Involve youth in creating a series of videos on clean water.
Provide afterschool youth education programs and hands-on restoration opportunities.
Obtain rights to use an effective “Fats, Oils and Grease” campaign and adapt it for our region.
Host watershed tours looking at stormwater flows and green stormwater infrastructure demonstration projects.
Create interpretive signage or artworks that educate and inspire.
Install permanent features that keep contaminants from entering the natural watershed or wastewater system.
Identify where a pollutant is coming from and organize activities aimed at pollution prevention, or design an engineering control to remove it in a given geographic area.
Install various forms of green stormwater infrastructure such as rain gardens, bioswales, tree boxes, depaving and/or permeable pavement to keep stormwater out of the sewer system and local waterways.
Create an incentive fund for small businesses in the Lower Duwamish waterway area to make improvements to their stormwater management
Restore a wetland, riparian, or tidal area to improve the landscape and natural resource conditions.
Research and cultivate properties interested in removal of pavement and replacement with permeable surface or trees and plants in combined sewer overflow basins.
Design and install a rain garden, cistern, or other green stormwater infrastructure element.
Transform an entire underserved community with green stormwater infrastructure and community amenities.
Run a farm that uses recycled resources from the wastewater treatment process to build healthy soils and decrease stormwater runoff, grows food for the community, and provides education and work experience for low-income and multicultural communities.   
Research “green chemistry” to proactively plan for enhanced removal of nutrients and/or micro-constituents in the wastewater stream.
Conduct a campaign to change behavior and keep pollutants out of the natural environment and wastewater system 
Run a multicultural household toxics reduction program.
Develop and test advanced technologies to remove micro-constituents from the wastewater stream.

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