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You may apply for this funding if you partner with one of the eligible entities listed and they act as fiscal agent. The fiscal agent would sign the grant agreement and be responsible for submitting progress and expense reports. Be clear on roles in the scope of work and budget.
If a project is physically outside the service area but creates a water quality benefit to the service area, it could be eligible for funding. If you have questions, please contact the Grant Administrator.
No. Recipients of WaterWorks grants are not limited in their ability to submit applications or be awarded funding in the next cycle.
Yes. Projects that are not awarded funding may reapply in the next round. We will provide feedback on grant proposals upon request, and if you're submitting a similar proposal, we recommend you do this.

Application materials and submission

Yes. However, be aware that it is unlikely that more than one proposal will be funded in the same cycle.
On-line applications are required. You will need to create an account and prepare your proposal in advance of the deadline (see Application Process). If you have significant issues with submitting on-line, please contact the Grant Administrator well before the application deadline. We are unable to accept proposals submitted after the deadline.
Yes, but since you can’t get funding from both tracks for the same body of work, the best practice is to submit proposals for different projects. Proposals that are not funded or partially funded through the competitive process are shared with council, and may be funded through that track in this way. 


Cash or in-kind match is required for at least 10 percent of the total amount requested. This can be waived for community-based organizations that work primarily with low-income or under-represented groups by completing the related question on the application. Additional match amount is considered favorably.
Volunteer labor used for in-kind match should be valued at $20/hour for general volunteer labor (e.g, participating in work parties, planning, outreach). The customary rate is up to $100/hour for professional services (for professionals donating services relevant to the project and proportional to its needs).

Application review

Applicants may be offered partial funding. In these cases, we will work with applicants to adjust the project scope and budget.
See important dates for timeline details for the current and next round cycle.

Project delivery

The grant period is two years from the time the grant agreement is signed. In certain cases the agreement may be extended to three years.
WaterWorks requires quarterly expense and progress reports and a final narrative and financial report from all funded projects.
Contact the Grant Administrator to discuss. We may put together an amendment depending on the scale of the change.

Online Grant Portal

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