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The judges and commissioners listed below are available to facilitate settlement conferences. Please contact them directly for more information.

Please note: If your case requires mediation, a settlement conference or an outside mediation / dispute resolution option can fulfill this requirement.

For family law cases, another alternative is to participate in the court's Volunteer Family Law Settlement Conference Program. Visit that program's webpage for more information.


Judge Phone Case Type Note 
Bender, Johanna (206) 477-1495 All Types Low Income Parties Only
Ferguson, Marshall (206) 477-1513 Civil  
Helson, Janet (206) 477-1367 Civil and Family Law  
Keenan, David (206) 477-1483 Civil  
Lee, Nelson K.H. (206) 477-1441 Civil Low Income Parties
McHale, John (206) 477-1585 Civil  
North, Douglass
(206) 477-1507 All Types Low Income Parties Only
O'Donnell, Sean
(206) 477-1501 Civil and Family Law  
Parisien, Suzanne
(206) 477-1579 Civil  
Ramseyer, Judith (206) 477-1605 All Types  
Rogers, Jim (206) 477-1597 All Types  
Rosen, Steve (206) 477-1525 Civil and Family Law 
Scott, Michael
(206) 477-1379 Civil and Dependency  
Shaffer, Catherine
(206) 477-1391 All Types  


Judge Phone Case Type
Darvas, Andrea
(206) 477-1465 All Types
Phelps, Nicole (206) 477-1411 Civil
Schubert, Ken (206) 477-1567 Civil  
Williams, Matthew (206) 477-1573 All Types 

Commissioners - All Locations

Commissioner Location Phone Case Type
Holman, Hollis ITA Court
(206) 296-4641 Family Law
Ponomarchuk, Leonid Seattle (206) 477-1512 Family Law