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For COVID-19 email alert subscribers, this page is a summary of updates that have occurred in the past week for new and significant information posted to the King County COVID-19 website, the Public Health Insider blog, the Public Health Twitter and Instagram accounts and related King County agencies.

The top 3 FAQs of the week

This week's FAQs include key information that responds to the following questions that we are getting from the public:

  • Who can get a booster dose of COVID-19 vaccine?
  • Are the vaccines effective against the Omicron variant?
  • Is Omicron as serious a health risk as other variants? What can I do to protect myself and others?

Updated vaccination verification FAQ and new online complaint form

Detailed information has been updated under Section 1: General information, Question 3, "How will this policy be enforced?" including a new online complaint form to inform us of businesses violating the vaccination verification policy.

FAQ about schools and child care during COVID-19 updated

See section, "Questions about child care and early education", Question #1, "What types of tests can be used to allow for return to child care?": Learn more information about FDA approved COVID-19 tests and which tests can be used for return to child care.

COVID vaccine FAQ includes new section 5: Vaccination for children ages 5-11

8 new questions and answers under Section 5 including

  • Why should my child get the vaccine?
  • How was the child vaccine tested for safety and effectiveness?
  • Is the kids vaccine the same as the vaccine for adults?

Self-swab testing sites

Our COVID testing site has been updated to include which COVID test sites use self-swab testing, and what to expect from the process.

Care Coordination program

Contact the Care Coordination team to answer questions and connect you to support services that are available, including groceries, PPE supplies, and bill assistance while isolating. More details are provided in a video linked at the bottom of the page (in-language subtitles available).

For King County homeless service providers: Point-of-care antigen testing

Available on the COVID-19 Homelessness Response page, under the 'Testing' drop-down menu.

COVID-19 boosters for ages 18 and up

Protection from the initial COVID-19 Vaccine dose(s) decreases over time. Everyone age 18 and up should get a booster dose to help "boost" immunity and maximize protection. Register for the waitlist now at

Update on King County's vaccine verification policy, Public Health Insider blog

It's been a bit more than a month since vaccination verification started in King County (effective Oct. 25, 2021). THANK YOU to the many staff and businesses who adjusted operations to create safer spaces for customers and staff. Here's an update on how it's going and our enforcement process.

My child is about to turn 12. Which COVID-19 vaccine should your child get?,

Your child should get the COVID-19 vaccine that is recommended for their age.

Connecting teens to mental health services, The Seattle Times

Check out this guide put together by King County youths from the Soar program that outlines steps teens and young adults can take to find a mental health provider that suits their needs.

YouTube video: What to expect after my child's COVID vaccine?

Dr. Rhea Boyd explains the common and generally mild side effects for children after the COVID vaccine in the Greater Than COVID video series.

  • Level of community transmission: Substantial
    • 67.3 cases per 100,000 residents over the last 7 days

  • 174,176 total positive cases in King County
    • 1,521 new cases over the last 7 days (-18% decrease)

  • 8,821 total hospitalizations
    • 7 daily average new hospitalizations (-22% decrease over last 7 days)
    • 52 hospitalizations over the last 7 days
    • 2.3 hospitalizations per 100,000 residents over the last 7 days
    • 3.5% of cases hospitalized over the last 7 days

  • 2,096 overall deaths
    • 24 new deaths over the last 14 days (-23% decrease from the prior 14 days)
    • 92.7 overall deaths per 100,000 residents
    • 1.1 deaths per 100,000 residents over the last 14 days
    • 1.2% overall cases died
    • 0.7% cases died over the last 14 days

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