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General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) is an open format spec used by hundreds of transit agencies to power transit directions in a variety of Web and transit apps, including Google Maps. The information provided through data feeds includes static schedule and service data using an open standard.


This dataset includes all King County Metro bus, Seattle Streetcar and King County Water Taxi service as well as Sound Transit Link light rail service and some but not all Sound Transit Express Regional bus service. This data defines King County Metro Transit service and includes but is not limited to schedule and associated geographic data.

Files include: agency.txt, calendar_dates.txt, calendar.txt, fare_attributes.txt, fare_rules.txt, routes.txt, shapes.txt, stop_times.txt, stops.txt, trips.txt

Real-Time Feeds

For real-time information, GTFS-RT is the industry standard data format for providing arrival prediction data, live vehicle locations, and service alerts. An extension of GTFS, GTFS-RT must be used in conjunction with King County Metro’s GTFS data. King County Metro GTFS-RT feeds include the following data:

Trip Updates

This feed provides predicted arrival or departure times for stops throughout a trip, as well as information on trips or stops that have been cancelled or re-routed.

Vehicle Positions

This feed provides the locations of vehicles currently in service.

Service Alerts

This feed provides information on disruptions to service.

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