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Sharing the road with transit

Bikes and transit both help reduce traffic congestion and improve our environment. Please take a few minutes to learn basic tips on how bikes and buses can share the road safely.

On the road

Obey all traffic rules and regulations and note that King County has an all-ages helmet law. Be attentive to construction detours and any changes to travel patterns.

Be predictable

Cyclists should try to stay in a consistent position visible to drivers. If you can't see the bus mirrors, then the bus driver can't see you. Signal your intentions to turn and stop. Don't weave in and out of traffic, or jump from the street to the sidewalk and back again. 


Pass a bus only on the left. Bus drivers are trained to share the road with bicyclists and other traffic, but they're paying attention to many things at once. Please be aware of buses pulling over to their stops, even across bike lanes.

Avoid Leapfrogging. Bus drivers try to avoid leapfrogging around people on bikes. If you're not riding fast enough to stay ahead of a bus, stay behind while the driver picks up passengers, and allow the bus to get ahead of you. Minimize the number of times you pass any moving vehicles.


Sometimes it may look as though a bus is going straight when it's setting up for a right turn. Never posi­tion yourself to the right of a bus at an intersection.

Cross tracks at a 90 degree angle after checking that you're not entering the path of moving traffic.

At transit stops and stations

Loading and unloading

Always let the driver know when you are loading or unloading your bike from the bus bicycle rack. Approach the bus from the curb (not the street) to load and unload your bike. Do not stand in the lane of moving traffic. Bicyclists are responsible for securing and removing their bicycles from the racks.

Sit near the front of the bus to watch your bike and to be ready to tell the driver when you’re unloading your bike. Metro is not responsible for stolen bikes or accessories, or for forgotten bikes.

Getting to your platform

Walk your bike in stations and on passenger platforms. Bicycles are not allowed on escalators at transit stations. Please use the elevators or stairs to transport your bicycle to and from the platform level.