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About Metro

Our mission is to provide the best possible public transportation services and improve regional mobility and quality of life in King County.

Founded in 1973, 2023 marks the 50th Anniversary of King County Metro, the largest transit agency in the Puget Sound. Metro provides bus, paratransit, vanpool, and water taxi, and on-demand services, and operates the Seattle Streetcar, Sound Transit Link light rail and Sound Transit Express bus service.

Named the Best Large Transit Agency in North America by the American Public Transportation Association in 2018, Metro also received Performance Excellence Awards for equity and for sustainability in 2020. In 2022 the Federal Transit Administration recognized Metro as the nation’s most equitable agency in tackling climate change.


Providing safe, equitable, and sustainable service now and in the future — especially where needs are greatest.

The King County Council adopted Executive Dow Constantine’s 2023–24 Biennial Budget in November 2022. Highlights from the budget include:

  • Fleet electrification
    Fight climate change, lower our region’s carbon footprint, and support healthy air and water.
  • Ridership recovery
    Deliver reliable service riders can count on.
  • Safety and security
    Provide a safe and secure environment for riders and employees.
  • Organizational health
    Be an employer of choice and enable employee growth to facilitate world-class transit service.



We believe mobility is a human right.

Our policies are created with input from community partners, elected officials and national stakeholders to help us contribute to healthy communities, a thriving economy, and a sustainable environment. 

Working together, these policies help our Metro teams plan for today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Learn more about our policies

  • Strategic Plan
    Our plan addresses opportunities and challenges facing King County residents, such as a growing, diversified population, historic inequities and a worsening climate crisis.
  • Service guidelines
    These guidelines help ensure our decision-making and recommendations to policy makers are objective, transparent and aligned with King County’s overall goals for public transportation.
  • Metro Connects
    Our vision for bringing more improved mobility services to King County over the next 30 years.

The Long Game

Metro’s Long Game is the blueprint to how we leverage the power of public transit to create a mobility system that advances equity by serving underserved communities, providing new economic opportunities in those neighborhoods, and combating climate change.

Learn more about our initiatives and achievements

Meet our leadership team

Read a statement from our General Manager

Advisory groups

Access Paratransit Advisory Committee

Enhances Metro’s Access paratransit program by advising the agency on priorities and areas of mutual concern while developing a vision for ongoing improvements.

Lynnwood Link Connections Boards

Through a three-phase community engagement process, Metro will focus on listening to mobility needs, learning about barriers that riders face and opportunities to improve transit in northwest King County.

Transit Advisory Commission

The King County Transit Advisory Commission improves transit services, planning, and programs by advising Metro’s staff members and general manager, the King County Executive and Council, local jurisdictions, and subarea transportation boards concerning transit policy issues.

Eastside Transportation Partnership

The Eastside Transportation Partnership (ETP) provides an Eastside forum for inter-jurisdictional cooperation to implement coordinated, prioritized transportation plans and programs through leadership, education, and advocacy.

Seashore Transportation Forum

An inter-jurisdictional forum for information-sharing, advocacy, and coordination to resolve transportation issues, and to establish priorities for implementing integrated multi-modal transportation projects and programs consistent with the goals of the Growth Management Act.

South County Area Transportation Board

The South County Area Transportation Board provides a forum for information sharing, consensus building, and coordinating in order to resolve transportation issues and promote transportation programs that benefit the South King County area.

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